Day: July 9, 2022

Simple eco-friendly choices you can make.

Everyone can help our planet if they choose and you being here means you are ready to upgrade your lifestyle.  The simple eco-friendly things I will talk about today can be done easily and with almost no big changes to your habits. Well, the habits will change but you won’t even notice if you’re ready…

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How to help animals this summer.

Summer is here in full force and it’s time we take a look at some ways to help our fellow animals. It is especially crucial that we all act upon these tips as the heat is already taking lives, and with climate change, it will only get worse. I don’t want to be an alarmist,…

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It’s possible to be a happy vegan: Here’s how.

I never believed it was possible to be a happy vegan. For me, the thought of happiness while non-human animals suffer was a myth. How can anyone be joyful in such a cruel world? How was this possible? It turns out, you just need a bit of mindfulness. A little bit of love and compassion…

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