Day: October 13, 2022

BPD recovery: 5 things that help me.

I can officially say that I am in recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder.  These past few months have been incredible and I have made so much progress. That is why I want to share 5 things that help me so they can maybe help you too. My life is so different now that I started…

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Vegan fail: Mistakes I’ve made.

Do you remember your big vegan fail? That time you made a huge mistake that was not vegan-friendly? I sure remember mine. There are plenty of them, too. I am writing this today to remind you that every vegan has made mistakes and failed at times. No one is perfect and everyone has a story,…

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What long-term vegans want newbies to know.

If you are a new vegan, these few tips will be super helpful to you. Because we all begin somewhere, I want to share with you what long-term vegans want newbies to know. These are all the things I wish I knew when I embarked upon this journey. 8 years ago I just knew that…

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