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books that improved my mental health

As you know, I am mentally ill. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and depression.

While I am more than my diagnosis, I also can’t just pretend they do not exist. They are a part of me and on some level, are who I am in certain moments.

When I freak out when someone leaves me, this is Borderline. Or when I cannot seem to be able to get up from bed, this is depression. And when I almost pass out in front of people, I can tell it is anxiety.

Books have been helpful in making me get off my ass and do something valuable for my health.

Now I want to share these works of art with you. Books that uplift me. Books that transformed me. Books that made me a better person.

Reading can truly and honestly change lives and bring peace to your life.

Here are 5 books that improved my mental health:

Truly a Bible of Buddhism. It changed my life the second I read it because it reminded me of something very important.

Everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever.

I think this is the most freeing thing I have ever learnt from anybody. It helped me with anxiety attacks and the big emptiness I feel because of BPD. This too shall pass and something else will take its place.

I am not sure I would describe myself as a Stoic but I sure do follow the principles quite often.

My favourite lesson from the book is to just do my job. Stop expecting applause or a pat on the back and just do my damn job. 

For a big chunk of my life, I was focused on myself and how stuck I am, but with this message, I focus on others. I write to them. I create content for them. Everything that you see on my blog is to help others improve their lives. 

It’s not about little poor me, but about what I can do to serve the greater good.

Truly the only book that ever helped me with anxiety to the point of making me cry. I remember going to my work and having anxiety attacks before I just let everything go and embraced what the book taught me.

Once I stopped fighting anxiety and just let it wash over me, it went away. Now, I won’t spoil it for you but the trick lies in letting anxiety do its own thing and not making an enemy out of it.

I love Martha Beck. I love her so much that I invested a big amount of money to buy four of her books, and the rest are on their way to my home now. She is an amazing writer.

I want to hug her and kiss her and thank her for being such an inspiration to people because her books (all of them, yes) have made me a better human. 

But this one, in particular, is my favourite because it talks about nature and non-human animals and how to connect to both so that you experience true magic.

This is my favourite book in the entire world and I recommend every single person on this planet reads it. 

It talks about how to find spirituality without following religions or New Age crap. It is a perfect book for atheists and sceptics because it proves you don’t need to believe in the supernatural to be spiritual.

I love how Sam marries science with Eastern wisdom and presents it in a way everyone can understand. It’s an interesting book to read that you will understand right away.

I hope you found a book that you feel called to read.

I encourage you to pick one and study it. I mean it. Really, really go deep and read it over and over again. That way you will understand it.

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books that improved my mental health

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