how to be a better sister

I have two amazing sisters whom I love and adore very much. 

But I wasn’t always a good sister to them. Having BPD means that I sometimes lost it, acted mean and did things that hurt them deeply.

I cannot change the past, but I can be a good sister in the present, so that is what I am doing now. My heart is full of love for them, and as a big sister, I just want them to be safe and happy.

If you too have siblings, I want to share with you some ways in which you can be kinder and more generous to them. Because they deserve your love and kindness more than anything in the world.

So, here is how to be a better sister:

  • Listen to them.

I spend hours just listening to my sisters talk about their lives and work. It helps them get things off their chest but it also lets me feel like I am a part of their life. Offering an ear and a shoulder is the least I can do for them in times of need.

  • Support them.

When your siblings want to try something new, be by their side and hold their hand. For example, one of my sisters decided that she wanted to eat more plant-based. So I helped her make the menu, and buy groceries and I cheer for her whenever she makes a vegan lunch.

What do your siblings want and how can you be their cheerleader?

  • Inspire them. 

Talking about my sister eating more plant-based, it’s because I and my father inspired her to do so. Be an inspiration for your siblings by making wise decisions and knowing you are always being watched. You are always planting seeds. Do not do better only for yourself but for them as well.

  • Play with them.

No matter how old you are, you should always find time to play with your brothers and sisters. I’m not saying go and play Barbies. I am saying, though, to sit down and play chess or some other fun board game. Enjoy each other’s company!

Now that you have a few ideas, go ahead and do one of them. Become a better sister by creating a connection with your siblings and holding them tight.

You got this.

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how to be a better sister

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