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I’ve been thinking these past few days that throughout the years I gathered so many BPD resources that have helped me.

I have workbooks, books, apps, websites, podcasts… so many tools and people whom I can turn to for help. Without them, my life would be a lot shorter, if I am completely honest.

So I figured I could share my top three BPD resources with you.

If there is one thing I know oh so well is how it feels to be lonely and alone. How it feels to be trapped inside your own mind and not have hope that things will ever get better.

It’s just so damn difficult, isn’t it?

Well, now you have someone who understands you completely. Someone who has been where you are. Someone who is eager to change things for the better. To change lives for the better.

I don’t mean this in a pretentious way like I know the secrets to the good life. Just when we find something helpful and beneficial, it is crucial that we share it with those who are like us.

So here are BPD resources that made my life drastically better:

I could write sonnets and poems about how life-saving this meditation app is. 

There were many times when I was close to giving it all up – and by that I mean suicide – when a reminder to meditate appeared on my screen, or Sam Harris released a new episode of his podcast. 

To me, Waking Up is more than just what it is meant to be. For me, it represents hundreds of moments when I stopped thinking about death and focused instead on my breath. 

No other tool managed to literally save my life like this app.

Aaaah, The Bible. 

I am kidding, of course, but this workbook truly has everything a good BPD material needs. From tests and a ton of questions to challenges, stories, tips and self-care ideas.

I finished it in a matter of days and I keep coming back to it when I need something to pick me up. Everything that is included in it has impacted me in the most positive way possible. 

Learning what my main triggers are and, most importantly, who my biggest trigger is, has made it possible for me to stay calmer during challenging situations.

I got introduced to Stoicism by reading the book The Daily Stoic. It didn’t take long before I found the podcast as well and dived right in.

I love interviews, but I prefer shorter episodes with only one main message that Ryan shares. Listening to them on my daily morning train rides, going to work is now finally bearable. 

I’ve learnt a lot from the Stoics but one message was louder than the rest: Do your job. Stop complaining, stop pointing fingers, stop feeling sorry for yourself and just do your job.

Meaning, you can only control your own actions and input. Yes, others might have fucked you over and something happened that was out of your control. But why spend the time complaining when you have a job to complete?

The Daily Stoic podcast helps to keep me humble, focused, and remember that I can only control myself, so why lose sleep over other peoples decisions?

Mixing mindfulness with Stoicism and DBT is not that drastic as they have some things in common. Plenty, actually.

Consuming content from these BPD resources has made my life better. My relationships have become more loving, my health is improving, and I am making moves that I never thought I would. 

I am still in chronic pain every second of my life, but compared to last year, I am much better.

I don’t know if these resources will do the same thing for you. I can’t predict the future, but I can hope that there is something about them that can influence you positively. Who knows, right?

The best we can do is try. Again and again and again. Always.


bpd resources

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