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Hello, my fellow busy vegans.

For the very first time in my life, I am experiencing how it feels to wake up at 4 to be ready for the train at 6. And then spend working really, really hard for the next few hours until I get to go home, take care of the dog, clean the apartment, and have an hour to myself.

I am a busy person, and I hate it so fucking much. I hate that we live in this society that rewards this behaviour and where we are slaves to the system that has so much potential. 

I support capitalism but I hate that we require privilege and luck to benefit fully from it. The top 1% gets to enjoy it, while the rest of us work our asses off doing, mostly, things that we hate. 

I had no choice in what my job is at the moment. Due to clinical depression, BPD, anxiety and suicidality I dropped out of high school and developed mild agoraphobia. 

Unfortunately, people who drop out of normal high schools don’t get to chose whether or not they can use their talents to make money.

I was, and continue being, the very definition of a loser.

I know it sounds horrible to say that but isn’t that what we call people whose lives are strange (by strange I mean they have no money, friends or looks) due to circumstances they probably didn’t choose?

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that no one deserves to be so busy and tired that they fall asleep without changing their clothes. Yet it happens because capitalism doesn’t offer an opportunity to everyone, just the selected few.

I suppose for new vegans, this is a unique challenge. 

How can you continue building this amazing, ethical lifestyle when you don’t even have enough time in a day to play with your child? How do you balance things without feeling overwhelmed and lost?

Here are tips for busy vegans who want to stay healthy and not give up:

  • Opt for vegan subscription boxes and/or delivered meals. 

There is no shortage of vegan subscription boxes and delivery meals to choose from. I will not recommend any as I do not use them, but I know people who do. 

They love it. 

You have so many different brands and companies to choose from that you do not need to worry you’ll be lost. Google is your best friend when it comes to finding the one that fits your needs and location.

  • Buy in bulk and stock up.

Choose one day a week to visit the store and buy food in bulk. No need to spend time hopping in and out every day if you buy everything that you need one time.

This tip works well with the third one (you will see later) as knowing what’s on your menu, helps you write the perfect to-buy list. 

Veggies and fruit can last for a few days and foods such as rice and pasta are always welcomed in our cupboard. Make a list, though, so you don’t spend money on things you don’t need.

  • Have a meal plan ready.

What will you eat on Monday? How about on Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the week?

You need to know clearly what you will eat so that you don’t waste time and money when shopping for food. We want to be smart busy vegans, not wasteful and stupid.

Go through my Pinterest board with various recipes and create your ideal menu. There is no need to eat plain meals, no matter how little time we have.

I hope any of these three tips for busy vegans help you.

I am new when it comes to living this crazy lifestyle that billions of people know so well already. While I am still figuring shit out for myself, I do know some things that might help you as well. 

I believe things will change eventually and people will begin to thrive and prosper. 

During the pandemic, we have witnessed how working remotely benefits millions and how crucial people working essential jobs are. We need higher salaries, time options and greater benefits. 

My eyes are open. My mind is aware. 

You, my busy vegan friend, will figure this out and come out on the other side wiser and even more brilliant than you already are.

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