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martha beck books

I was listening to my favourite podcast, Back From The Borderline, when I heard a book recommendation from Mollie, the host. (Just a note to say that Mollie seems to be anti-psychiatry and anti-medicine currently which is something I strongly disagree with.)

She talked about The Way Of Integrity by Martha Beck, a book that inspired the episode. It was my first time hearing of this author but what I heard, changed my life forever.

I immediately ordered the book.

After finishing The Way Of Integrity, I was so crazy in love that I ordered four other books by Martha! Her work and personality just work for me. Not to mention her humour and wit.

There is something about the way she writes her books that I love so much. She never pretends to have it all together but she is also confident in the things she mastered. Every woman should be like that. 

What draws me into her work is that beautiful mix between spirituality and science. As you know, I am an atheist and I don’t believe in anything supernatural, but I like to immerse myself in spiritual works nonetheless.

Martha Beck figured out a way to write about things that are not scientifically proven in a way that simply attracts me. I almost crave it.

My favourite part of her books is the stories she shares of what magical things happened to her. While some seem a bit outrageous, I still silently hope that it will happen to me too. You don’t have to be a New Age guru to create miracles, right? Haha.

If you are interested in Martha Beck books, here are those that I have on my bookshelf:

I highly recommend all of them, because they are so immersive and full of helpful exercises and tips. You will read one and crave more.

I also recommend her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Her work is for everyone who wants to improve their lives but is sick and tired of old used-and-done self-help material. Martha Beck has your back because you will never feel that way when you enter her world of magic and mystery.

She is exactly what you need in your life right now. I don’t say this about many authors but her work is perfect for practically everyone. Even the most hardcore sceptics can find something of help in her books.

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martha beck books