back from the borderline

(Just a note to say that Mollie seems to be anti-psychiatry and anti-medicine currently which is something I strongly disagree with.)

I have been trying to write this post a few times now, but I always feel like I am not doing the podcast any justice.

Mollie, the host of Back From The Borderline, has helped me improve my life in ways I didn’t know were possible. 

Before I started listening I was a mess and only relied on pills – which I still take, don’t get me wrong. But something changed inside of me.

I always considered myself broken. Like I needed fixing but nothing was able to do it because I was forever ruined.

There were times when I wanted more illnesses. More sickness. More disorders.

Because that was the only Tanja I knew. 

Tanja who had Borderline personality disorder (read my story here) and ruined her life with every single decision she made. It was killing me. Literally.

I was suicidal and heavily influenced by the most pessimistic philosophies. There was nothing that gave me faith in myself. Hope that things can get better.

Until I found Mollie and her Instagram page. 

Finally, I had someone understand me. But more than that, finally I had someone tell me that I am not broken.

When she started her podcast I was in love with it from the start. No more crying because I feel incapable of changing anything. No longer was I just a girl with a disordered personality. No.

Now I understand my trauma.

I see myself as a whole person with a few issues, but as someone who is whole. Whole. 

I am much more than what my psychiatrist said. I am much more than what the world says about me.

The podcast dives deep into every single symptom and tells you the history behind it. A story of how it came to be.

This is so rare nowadays because everyone just loves to point fingers and call us bad. Mollie doesn’t. 

She holds your hand and helps you face what is hurting in a way that is gentle and compassionate. I consider her my mentor. My guide. Someone who every week takes me on a journey of self-reflection. 

Back From The Borderline is like my therapy.

Thank you, Mollie.

I got this now.


back from the borderline