elon musk fan

Ah, this post is a long time coming.

If you’ve been here for the past 8 years of my blogging journey, then you know I used to be a giant, huge, literally out-of-this-world big Elon Musk fan.

I was obsessed with him at one point and I do not use this word lightly.

It all began when my father called me to his desk and said I need to watch this man speak about solar panels and electric cars. We were both just discovering this thing called climate change at the time.

The first few times I just brushed it off and said that I am not interested in this weird man with an even weirder name. I already watched Cowspiracy, what on Earth was he going to tell me?

But eventually, as I was hearing him talk in the background, I got intrigued. 

Who was he?

One video led to another, and then that led to reading Ashlee Vance’s book and, of course, stalking him on Twitter until I knew pretty much everything there was to know about the man. I even bought his second wives book!

I already wanted to be an entrepreneur but nothing fired me up even more than seeing Elon Musk take on the car and space industries and completely transform them. 

My obsession was so strong that I attended two start:up competitions and pitched two freaking giant ideas that would revolutionize the school system at the time. 

I wanted to be like Elon so my ideas were huge and bigger than my knowledge, experience and wallet. People laughed at me and said I was too over my head, but I did what Elon would’ve done.

My admiration and love for him persisted for almost 4 years.

Until it stopped.

Here are 6 reasons why I am not an Elon Musk fan anymore:

  • He is involved with Neuralink which tests on non-human animals. Many individuals – such as monkeys and rats – died from these procedures being done on them. This may just be the most immoral thing he has ever done because his actions caused death.
  • Elon is famous for his false predictions and empty promises. He is rarely correct about things and when he fails, everyone turns the other way. People actually believed when he said we would have self-driving cars by now and that we would go to the Moon (again).
  • He is a staunch believer that we are facing underpopulation. What is most concerning, though, is that he is not worried due to some catastrophic reason. He cares about it because that would mean he won’t have slaves to employ anymore. He is not taking into account the impact 8 billion people have on the environment.
  • Elon started dating Amber Heard (allegedly, so they don’t sue me) when she was still married to Johnny Depp. They, allegedly, had an affair and he, allegedly, paid for her lawyers during the defamation case in the UK. A man who will help a woman cheat on their husband and support their fake stories about abuse is low on a morality scale. 
  • He lies about being the founder of Tesla which is false. He also lies about how the company started and operated when he came on board. 
  • This year he was accused of exposing himself to a flight attendant. Sexual assault of any kind is not acceptable in my book so this was the final straw.

There are plenty more of them, but these happen to be the ones that really broke it all down. They shattered my admiration and all respect I had for him.

Elon Musk may be a genius or a fraud, an innovator or a thief, it doesn’t really matter. He lost that charm he used to have. That mystery around him, the X factor only he had.

Now he is just an old Republican who only cares about money and fame. 

He is just like everyone else. 

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elon musk fan