I write for people who are willing to take responsibility for how they treat our planet and all beings on it. 

Imagine living according to your deepest values. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

I imagined this back in 2014 when I decided to go vegan and take responsibility for every individual that had to die for my selfish desires.

The thought of waking up and knowing I am doing my part in saving the lives of innocent beings was what made me create this blog and share what I’ve learned with you.

But first…

My name is Tanja Jurgec and I live in Slovenia. No need to learn how to pronounce my surname, but do make sure you pronounce my name as Tanya. It hurts me when people butcher it.

I am an INTP-T (just took the test so thought I should share), a lover of classical music, true crime books, and my favourite colour is green. My hobbies include playing chess and reading books by fascinating people.

tanja jurgec

So, I started blogging in 2014 when I realized I wanted to make money on the internet.

Hey, I’m honest.

I soon learnt that it will take time to create a business but I feel good about myself when I help others, so I continued.

Two blogs and hundreds of deleted posts later, I finally created this digital home where I talk about things that are most important to me.

Animal rights. Environment. Mental health.

I share tips and tricks on how to create a sustainable vegan lifestyle that you adore. I am honest about my journey and everything I talk about is what I truly stand behind.

I also love the environment and am eager to do my part in fighting climate change. Therefore, I write about the little things you can do every day to be kind to our Mama Nature.

I love science and truth. That means I don’t make claims that are not proven scientifically and I am not here for conspiracy theories and fear-based beliefs.

Here we talk about science, not faith.

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