environmentally-friendly decisions

Looking around at the world that we live in, it’s not hard to notice that much needs to be fixed.

From the school system and college debt to police brutality in the US and Russian bots drawing more and more people into the conspiracy world.

All of these problems can be fixed but perhaps not by you and me.

An issue we are facing right now that we can do something about is climate change and pollution. No, we cannot reverse it or stop it, but we can improve our relationship to the natural world and prepare ourselves for the catastrophe that awaits us.

The wonderful thing about environmentalism is that one doesn’t need to be wealthy to do something about it. You just need to want to be useful.

Today I want to share with you a few ways in which each one of us can be of service to the planet we together reside on.

It is not hard to make environmentally-friendly decisions as long as you start small and aim for progress every day.

  • Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change (meat and dairy) and ocean pollution (fishing gear). When buying food at the store, remind yourself of where you are putting your money towards. Are you supporting the death industries or are you supporting farmers who grow fresh vegetables and fruits?
  • Think of your last purchase at a clothing store. Did you invest your money or did you just spend it? Did your money go towards supporting fast fashion or an ethical store that protects the earth as well as their workers?
  • How much progress have you made when it comes to purchasing less plastic items? Do you ask yourself before every buy: Do I need this or are my eyes just hungry? How many plastic bottles are dropped in the ocean weekly because of you?
  • Before you pay for a service or a product, think about the consequences of this and if you truly value what they are doing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t support huge companies such as Amazon because that is precisely why I am asking you to do this. I want you to avoid calling a corporation bad and unethical while still giving them money. If you value what Amazon is doing and believe your purchase is helping steer the company in a new and better direction, then do that and stand behind your decision. 

All of us have felt too small at one point. 

We have all closed our eyes and envisioned the future filled with fire, screams and hunger. It’s not hard to imagine the majority of humans suffering while the top hides somewhere underground.

But that should not be the reason we continue depending on those who are powerful and rich. Why do we have so little faith in our actions? Why do we lack confidence that we can change things that governments wish to keep the same?

It starts with you and how you invest your money. It all begins and ends with you, the consumer. 

reusable produce bag fruit green apple

Getting reusable produce bags is a great step you can take this week.

What you do with that paper in your pocket and those numbers on your card, is what will abundantly manifest in the future.

You hold the strings in your hands and you decide which version of the future will occur – the one in which humanity survives and thrives, or the one in which we keep protesting and act as victims while the world is burning.

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make environmentally-friendly decisions