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the only book you need to read marie forleo everything is figureoutable

Have you heard of Marie Forleo?

Well, doesn’t matter what the answer is, her newest book is something that changed me, my life and my work. I am not kidding. I do life differently because of what this book taught me.

The point of the book is quite simple, really. It is Everything Is Figureoutable.

That’s also the title.

The book starts with a story about Marie’s mother who always found a way to fix what was broken. No matter what needed fixing, she was able to figure it out on her own. That lesson, that everything is figureoutable, is something Marie took to heart.

It changed her life and made her the person she is today. 

Marie takes us on a journey where we experience heartbreak, failure and success, through the eyes of a multi-passionate entrepreneur that just wants to help others.

Marie explains what everything is figureoutable means and how we can apply it to our lives. The best part? She doesn’t just talk about how it can benefit us, she actually gives us proof and homework – because you can’t change your life if you don’t do the work.

Honestly, guys, this was the book I was waiting for. You know, that one book that changes your life and puts everything in perspective. 

And I know why this was THE book.

It’s because I trust Marie and because I know she is honest, real and wants to help people. She is not just some unknown author I have never heard of. No, she is actually a person I have been following for ages and someone I know for a fact knows what she’s talking about.

Marie writes: No matter what you’re facing, you have what it takes to figure anything out and become the person you’re meant to be.

The second I started reading the book and doing all the exercises + of course, watching Marie do her thing on YouTube and Instagram, I started feeling so fucking powerful. The second a doubt entered my mind, I would say instinctively: I’ll just figure it out.

And I did! I started figuring shit out before I even finished the book. (I also have the words Everything Is Figureoutable as my screensaver on my comp and phone because they need to get tattooed in my brain).

I have a computer that is a few years old and the keyboard is not working flawlessly. Well, one button was not working flawlessly. So whenever I wanted to use that one particular letter, I had to press really, really hard.

One day, about a week ago actually, not only did the button came off and broke in half but the letter got stuck. So whenever I wanted to write something, this one letter would just start typing itself. The only thing I could do was, well, to not write and avoid any places on my screen where the letter could start writing itself.

My computer was possessed, I swear.

But I said: Fine, I’ll figure out how to fix it. I can do this. I love challenges.

I searched for a few software programs, found one that appeared the safest, downloaded it, installed it and now that one letter is disabled and I can write in peace.

Also, a few days ago I bought the wrong eye drops for Chuck (our dog). I called the vet, asked if I can bring them back and get the ones that he needs, ran back, got not only the right eye drops but some free bonus pills for the cats, and hopped on the bus to give my baby his medicine.

Things that would make me anxious just two weeks ago were now a challenge I was excited to tackle. 

Sure, I can figure it out.

marie forleo everything is figureoutable

It’s such an easy concept but I have never been taught about things that way. I never stepped back and believed that I can find a solution, no matter what the problem was. I would just get anxious, cry and hope for the best.

This book is making me feel better about everything I am dealing with. From relationships, work and responsibilities, to my health and my goals. There are always problems in all areas of our lives but sometimes we see them as impossible to solve.

Marie taught me that that’s not the case.

If there is only one book you read in 2020, only one book you decide to give a chance and take with you wherever you go, let that book be Everything Is Figureoutable.

You can read more about the book here.

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everything is figureoutable marie forleo