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I learnt about the work Colleen Patrick-Goudreau does as an animal advocate about two years into being vegan.

Well, I probably heard about her before but it took quite a long time for me to open up to her message of being a joyful vegan and not be constantly angry. 

To say that she influenced the work I do and how I approach talking about animal rights would be an understatement. Colleen is the person I dreamt of being when I was a young girl, imagining how my life will turn out eventually.

I wanted to write books, live in nature in a beautiful house, fall in love with someone who is a good person, and help those who need it. Sure, I wanted to be a pop star and/or a double agent, but most of all I wanted peace and trees.

Colleen has all of that and that’s why I probably looked up to her so much after starting to consume the work she created. If she managed to build that for her, maybe I can do it as well and maybe I don’t have to scream at those who still exploit other animals to feel like my voice matters.

Vegan’s Daily Companion is the first book for vegans I bought that she wrote. It’s also the only book the biggest library in Slovenia had at that time that was written by her. 

Reading it is an adventure every vegan would benefit from experiencing. The language she uses to describe how we feel and why we do what we do is wonderfully true and touching. She knows how much we are hurting but she also knows how much passion and will we possess.

I enjoyed reading stories from vegans all around the globe and what made them open their eyes to the cruelty other animals endure. I cried hearing about the stories of rescued individuals who have suffered so much due to human greed and blindness. 

But I also learnt about how to talk to those who are still (pretending to be) asleep. I learnt how to communicate and respond in different situations I might find myself in. 

I also learnt how to eat more colourfully and healthily.

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Vegan’s Daily Companion is your daily guide to being more compassionate, open-hearted and willing to learn about how to simply be a better human. 

I read it in less than 48 hours and I still come back to it because it reminds me of how much can be done if we just share what we know to be true (other animals are exploited) with those who co-exist with us on this planet (other humans). 

I must mention the photographs as well because they are so beautifully shot. It put a smile on my face to turn a page and see a big photograph of a pig or a chimpanzee with his wise eyes staring at me. 

We are all so alike. We are all animals.

If you are looking for a gift for your fellow vegans or a book to read before you go to bed, read Vegan’s Daily Companion. It will warm your heart with inspiring stories and bring back that deep knowing that everything will be alright someday because there are people who care and who help.

I know it can be hard to be vegan sometimes. It can be hard to feel like you are the only person who sees the injustice happening to your fellow beings. 

This book is the warm blanket that will give you instant daily reminders of how you can do more good in the world and of all the good that has already happened. 

If there is anyone who knows exactly how to make this vegan journey more joyful and peaceful, it is definitely Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

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colleen patrick goudreau vegan book

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