things you need to know about being vegan

All you wonderful people who are considering trying out this vegan lifestyle that everyone is talking about lately, I have here 8 things you need to know about being vegan.

Eight tips. Eight honest confessions. Eight reasons to go vegan.

I want you to open your heart right now and allow me to show you the beauty of veganism and the wonderful experiences vegans have due to choosing compassion over death and suffering.

Going plant-based can be challenging, I already covered this many times, but it’s also liberating and beautiful. You learn how your footprints affect everyone around you and you become more aware of your choices.

It is surprising how much changes in your life once you start to eat food that is alive and you leave corpses behind.

Living a vegan lifestyle means living according to your deepest values of compassion and kindness.

Here are 8 things you need to know about being vegan:

  1. It takes time to fully transition. Changing our habits takes time. You will need to learn how to feel comfortable shopping for food and cooking without animal products. It also takes time to change your makeup bag to include completely vegan and cruelty-free products, but the journey towards having a vegan beauty bag is fun. You get to learn interesting facts, you meet awesome people and you test yourself on how much you really want to change your lifestyle.
  2. It’s not about perfection – far from it. Veganism is not about being perfect but about doing the most that we can with what we have and where we are. Many vegans are still transitioning their clothes and beauty products to be fully vegan and sustainable. It does not make them any less vegan, it just shows that we are all on different vegan journeys and that even if we eat fully plant-based, there are still so many other things to change and learn about.
  3. It forces you to be creative. Cooking becomes a show filled with different vegetables, fruits, seeds, legumes and spices + you finally have a reason to prepare and eat colourful raw vegan pies that are delicious and good for your body. Your kitchen becomes your art studio and you unleash your inner artist that is just waiting to create something new and yummy. You are surrounded by colors and living food instead of the same old bloody meat and cholesterol-filled eggs. I hate cooking but since I need to eat something, I love to play around with spices and create delicious-tasting meals that I’ve never tried before.
  4. It helps you become more aware of other social issues. Many vegans become more aware of what happens in sweatshops, how plastic pollutes our oceans and how people in developing countries struggle to survive due to lack of food because of climate change. This myth that vegans only care about non-human animals is just that, a myth. We care so much about all types of life on our momma Earth that it pushes us to do more for everyone on this globe.
  5. It connects you to Mother Nature. You understand that all life deserves to be protected and cherished and so you feel closer to nature around you who helped all species to evolve. Not eating other animals and not taking life, kind of makes you feel special when in the company of nature.
  6. It lets you live according to your own values. We all want to be kind and good to other animals, but only vegans fully open up their hearts and unlock the rest of compassion that is hiding inside of them. Even non-vegans want to see animals happy, they just happen to be sleeping at the moment and cannot see how their choices affect pigs, cows, turkeys and others.
  7. It makes you healthier. Eating a whole plant-based diet that is high in carbohydrates and low in processed sugar and processed fat, is healthy and can reverse certain diseases. There is so much science out there that I will only point you in one direction – NutritionFacts.Org.
  8. It shows you the best of humanity. You meet people who risk their lives to save other animals who are suffering and you meet people whose sole purpose is to bring equality among all species and help farm animals who are abused and used for human greed and vanity.

Make sure to let me know in the comment section what your reasons for going vegan are.

You are the only one who can make this decision in your life and the more you are aware of how your choices affect others, the better decision you can make.

We need to step back and see how others are living because of the way we choose to be. We share this Earth with millions of other species – animals and plant life. We need to take care of each other.

Be kinder to yourself by being kinder to others. No one ever felt depressed after helping someone else.


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