You know what day is today? It’s the day to go vegan.

Today I want to give you A to Z reasons why you should go vegan, like yesterday. All of them are what made me change my lifestyle and what motivates me to live this way every single moment of the day.

I hope you find these reasons convincing and that you give veganism a chance. It’s so much easier than you probably think it is and every single vegan thought they couldn’t do it at one point, so you have no excuses for not trying it.

Here are the reasons why you should go vegan.

A is for your fellow animals. You are smart enough to know that you can’t eat the bodies of other individuals without taking their life away. Animals are abused in the most horrible ways possible and all that we get from their corpses is disease and malnutrition.

B is for your body. Eating a whole food plant-based diet is much, much better for your health. There are plenty of studies that show how eating plants reversed horrible diseases and prevented people from developing them in the first place. Visit Nutrition Facts for actual studies and evidence.

C is for compassion. When we go vegan, we expand our compassion towards all animals, not just those who look like us. Suddenly, we get teary-eyed when we see a dead snail and we relate to a mother cow when her baby is taken away from her.

D is for death. Because we stop eating other animals and using them for their skin or entertainment, they stay alive, which is obviously a good thing. Death should come naturally, it should not be imposed. Every year, trillions of sea and land animals are slaughtered for meat – and that’s not even counting all the animals that are suffering in labs, circuses and other facilities.

E is for energy. Eating vegetables and fruits gives your body energy. Eating good carbohydrates – such as rice, pasta and potatoes – also gives energy to your brain, so that your mind is clear and able to process what is happening around you.

F is for food. Eating as a vegan is a colorful and delicious experience because there is no blood on your table or on your hands. To get delicious vegan recipes, visit my Pinterest page.

G is for giving. We all strive to give back more, to help others, to be better people, and we can all do that when we go vegan. What is a better way to give back than to be compassionate towards all beings, protecting the planet and promoting a lifestyle that actually helps humans stay healthy?

H is for health. As said before, eating a healthy whole food plant-based diet is healthy and much more suitable for your body. For more information regarding the science behind the plant-based diet, please see this website.

I is for innocence. Besides children, animals of other species are the most innocent beings on this planet. By not eating them or exploiting them in any other way, we are protecting the most innocent among us.

J is for the journey. Veganism is not a destination but a journey. The goal is not to become vegan, but to uncover more and more compassion every single day. Even vegans are still progressing and uncovering more ways to be kinder, more compassionate and nature-friendly. You do not have to think of veganism as the end goal because it is just the beginning.

K is for knowledge. The best part about going vegan is all the knowledge that you gain. You learn about nutrition, animals, ethics, new words, communication… You become smarter in general.

L is for love. As vegans, we learn to love even those who used to scare us – like spiders, sharks and snakes. It is not necessary to love animals to be vegan, but it sure makes you love their uniqueness more.

M is for money. You become more conscious of where your money goes and what you are buying. We vote with our money and as vegans, we usually become much more ethical when it comes to supporting different brands. Plus, you save money because eating plant-based is cheaper.

N is for nature. We are all a part of nature, we are all one. Connected. If we harm each other and kill those who are innocent, how much can we still be a part of nature? How long will our mother still protect us when we kill her children?

O is for oceans. Our oceans will cease to have fish in them if we don’t stop eating them. If we don’t stop polluting them. And you know who the number one polluter is and what is the number one cause for the death of fish and other sea animals? You guessed it, it is animal agriculture.

P is for planet Earth. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change, so not eating other animals sure does a lot for the health of the planet that we reside on.

Q is for quickly. Positive changes start happening quickly, the second you go vegan. You will have more energy, your thinking will be clearer and you will start to be more aware of how you are impacting the planet and everything on her.

R is for rich. As a vegan, you are suddenly exposed to a rich variety of foods that you had no idea existed before. As an animal-eater, you most definitely only ate three types of meat, two types of cheese and eggs. Maybe you added a salad, tomatoes and potatoes on your plate, but you haven’t experienced good food until you went vegan and started appreciating all the LIVING food that momma Earth gave us.

S is for suffering. How much peace can we have if we put other animals through suffering and pain? Can we ever reach peace among men, if we continue killing the most innocent among us?

T is for truth. There is no such thing as personal truth. Not when it comes to health, climate change and the suffering of other beings. The truth remains clear: Eating other animals is killing us, our planet and every animal on this it (human and non-human).

U is for utopia. Step out of the imaginary world where everything is perfect and right. The world has many problems and not treating your fellow animals with respect is one of them. The second you acknowledge what is happening and become aware of what the truth is, the sooner you will be set free.

V is for vegetables. Doctors always tell us to eat more veggies and as a vegan, you eat a ton of them. Needless to say, vegetables make you healthier, provide you with energy and they contain all the necessary nutrients that your body requires.

W is for the world. Crops that are fed to other animals who are then slaughtered, could be fed to starving humans who are dying because of hunger. Going vegan could potentially solve major world issues, although there is much more to world hunger than just feeding crops to humans instead of other animals.

Y is for you. Many vegans changed their lifestyle because of the love they have for other animals, but beneath that, is the love we have for ourselves. We want to know that we are good people who are doing good things. We want to be healthy and fit. We want to be helpful and kind.

Z is for zoology. Vegans tend to be more interested in how animals live and behave. We acknowledge that they are living beings and know we share genes and traits with them.

There you go, my love. I hope at least a few of the letters resonated with you.

A to Z reasons why you should go vegan.

Let me know in the comment section which letter you like best and if you have any other words that you would add? Did you like my A to Z reasons why you should go vegan?

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