Your recovery journey requires complete dedication from your side. It expects from you perseverance, vulnerability and openness. 

You must open your heart to it.

I found that when I wasn’t available to recover emotionally, I wasn’t improving. What was expected from me was an absolute dedication to my well-being.

When I gave it, everything changed. 

But you can’t just take it lightly, no. You must go after it like a dog after a bone. With an eagerness to improve yourself, your mindset and your whole life.

Go deep into yourself and learn who you really are. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s the only way you will make progress. 

Meditate and face the pain.

Read and face your inner child. 

Speak and face your trauma.

Write and face what wants to come through.

It will hurt you, sure, but it will push you forward towards healing and recovery. And despite the pain, you will enjoy the light that will start radiating from you. 

Dedicate yourself to your well-being. Be of service to yourself. Love yourself so much that you spend every minute of every day, giving yourself everything you weren’t given by others.

Do everything that your heart is asking you to do because it knows what you need. Trust it. Believe it. 

You got this. You always have.

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dedicate yourself to your well-being

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