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Remember those videos of wild animals roaming the empty streets that came out during the quarantine?

It was so lovely to witness how peaceful their surroundings were when humans had to be locked inside for our reckless behaviour. They had Earth for themselves, even if just for a few weeks.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the idea of all beings living together as one. Not in a weird spiritual way, but as animals of different species who came from the same cell and share the same planet.

I currently live in the countryside and deer, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, snakes and a wide variety of birds are a part of my everyday life – especially in the summer days.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I know everything about the individuals that surround me and how to keep them safe, but I am trying my best to let them be and stay away from their homes.

Still, here is how everyone can help our wildlife:

  • Be silent.

When humans are silent, deer come out and bird songs are heard. When we get quiet, others can finally express themselves.

Isn’t it fascinating how much we talk and moan and shout? We are almost incapable of allowing someone else to exist in peace.

Next time you are in nature, be silent. Observe. It is not your home and you are only visiting, so treat nature as your neighbours’ house. You wouldn’t shout there, would you? 

  • Share the food you grow.

We have plenty of fruit trees and bushes, and a beautiful vegetable garden. While my father is not very enthusiastic about sharing the food we grow with snails, I am more than happy to give away a salad or two.

We take away the land from native animals and then complain when they return to feed in our gardens. Are we really so cruel as to leave them to starve while selfishly destroying their homes?

Put out a basket full of veggies and fruits for the deer, create bird feeders, give nuts to squirrels and plant bee-friendly flowers.

Think of other animals as your neighbours with whom you want to share your abundance with. Share, share, share!

  • Don’t kill them. 

This one should be a given but just a reminder that helping our wildlife doesn’t happen when you go out and kill a few innocent individuals.

While hunters think they are doing a good job, it is pretty easy to debunk their amazingly inaccurate claims. Just like Earthling Ed did in this video here.

This doesn’t just apply to species like deer and wolves, but bees and worms as well. 

While your reasons to take someone else’s life might seem good enough when your salad is gone and the apple trees suddenly aren’t growing anymore, I would much rather see you value life and love.

  • Provide shelter.

I am in the process of building an insect hotel and creating a deer friendly backyard. Plus, I am putting birdhouses on every single tree we have and making sure they are always full of seeds that birds love.

It is my duty as a human to take care of those who are suffering due to my existence. I don’t mean this in a self-hating way, but the truth is we took a lot from other species and it is hurting them.

These are just a few ways to help our wildlife and support all the species who live on this Earth. If you have any great tips you want to share with me please let me know down in the comment section.

Since starting to make more ethical choices, I swear butterflies and birds feel like my second family. At this point, they are so comfortable around us that they will land on my head and eat from my plate when I’m just a meter away.

It is really beautiful.

Since we too are animals, these moments of closeness remind me of how similar I am to all creatures. We all have a heart and brain and we breathe and sleep.

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