vegan advocacy challenge

I believe that speaking up for other animals should be a part of our vegan lifestyle. Not because it helps non-human beings, but because it helps us, too.

Being an activist helps us deal with the depression and sadness that we might experience as vegans. It gives us a purpose and motivation to focus on the light instead of the darkness.

Vegan advocacy is the way we cope with the cruelty that exists in the world. 

This is why we are going to embark upon an 8-day vegan advocacy challenge. So you can let go of some of the sadness in your heart and do something good for the most innocent among us. 

I truly encourage you to take it seriously. Because when you do, life will become easier. You will start moving towards the light and that will make everything better.

When you do good, you feel good.

So if you are ready, here is your 8-Day Vegan Advocacy Challenge:

  • Day 1.

Let’s start with posting a simple recipe on social media. It can be your own, or you can find one on my Pinterest board

This might inspire someone to cook a plant-based meal. And it doesn’t have to be too complicated either. Just pick something easy and delicious, because no one has the time to prepare a complicated meal. 

  • Day 2.

Gift someone a book on animal rights. My picks are The Joyful Vegan and This Is Vegan Propaganda but you can choose your own, of course.

Giving a book as a present to someone who will benefit from it might inspire someone to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

  • Day 3.

Write an email to your local grocery store, asking them to add more alternatives to their shelves. Be kind, polite and short. 

You want to represent this lifestyle with compassion and understanding. And while they may not do what you are asking them, they will surely see that there is a community willing to buy.

  • Day 4.

Start a blog, on a free or paid platform (I use WordPress). 

Start writing about your journey and share tips on how others can adopt a vegan lifestyle. That is exactly what I am doing and so many individuals have reached out saying how I inspired them. 

  • Day 5.

Cook for your family and prepare a tasty plant-based meal. 

Invite your loved ones over to your home and surprise them with a delicious home-cooked meal. Trust me, even the most sceptical people will appreciate tasting something yummy. 

If you need ideas, check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

  • Day 6.

Join a vigil and witness the truth behind the dairy, egg and meat industries.

I have never personally attended one but I know people who have. They told me it changes you forever and it also gives you a kick in the butt to do more for non-human animals.

  • Day 7.

Adopt a non-human animal in need, in real life or through a donation. 

If you are not able to adopt a dog or a cat (or any other being for that matter) right now, consider adopting through the Internet by donating monthly to a sanctuary that rescues individuals. 

Before you adopt, though, make sure you check out my blog post that will help you decide.

  • Day 8.

Volunteer at a vegan event or at a sanctuary. 

Take a few hours off your schedule and spend it as a volunteer at a vegan event, or at a sanctuary. Not only will you be doing good but you’ll also meet new friends and acquaintances. 

I encourage you to go through this 8-day challenge and help us change the world for the better.

Once you start speaking up for the innocent, you will start behaving differently in all areas of your life. That is what happened to me. I not only cared about animal rights but also about gay rights and equality between races and genders. 

My shopping habits changed. Suddenly I wasn’t in the mood to support fast fashion anymore, I reduced plastic in my home and became more vocal about other injustices.

That will most likely be you as well. 

You got this. You always have.

If you feel called to support my work, please consider buying me a cup of cappuccino. It helps me greatly.


vegan advocacy challenge