questions to ask before adopting a dog

So you’ve decided you want a dog.

I think that is wonderful, but before you go out there and bring home a fur ball, we have to go through some questions together. For the good of all involved.

Adopting a dog is not a small task and it shouldn’t happen just because you are dreaming about it. Listen, we are talking about a living being here, not a toy. 

When we adopted Chuck almost 13 years ago, we talked about it for months. And still, looking back now, that was not enough as having a companion animal is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly.

I know you think you are ready to be a mother. But are you really? Or is this something you have been thinking about lately because you feel you need a change? Is it a product of loneliness?

Let’s find out. 

Here are the questions to ask before adopting a dog:

  • Do you have the money necessary to support a dog?

Food and the vet cost money, and you need both to keep your dog healthy and happy. Now, you don’t need to be a millionaire, but some sort of financial stability is required.

  • Are you willing to be a parent for 10+ years?

Depending on the age of a dog you adopt, this may vary. Of course, we never know when they may die, but some pups can live up to 20 years, so think about the long-term vision.

Are you willing to commit for that long?

  • Do you have the space for a dog?

This also varies depending on the size and breed, but every doggo needs space to roam free, explore and live. A big dog has different needs than a smaller one, but both want to avoid living in a small space where they’ll feel stuck in.

  • Do you have the support you need?

What if you get sick and can’t take your dog for a walk every day? What if you end up in a hospital or have to take a business trip?

Do you have people in your close circle who can take care of the dog for you? This is a very important question so be very honest because it takes a village to take care of children and non-human animals.

So what now? That depends on what your answers were and the only person who knows if you are ready to adopt is you.

If you were honest with yourself, that won’t be a problem. 

Being a mother to a companion animal is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. It brings joy, happiness, peace and companionship. This is what life is all about – sharing it with those we love and adore.

You can have this… when you are ready.

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questions to ask before adopting a dog