tips for eating healthy as a new vegan

Eating healthy as a new vegan is crucial because we want to avoid feeling sick and tired.

Of course, not everyone is going to become a health junkie, but we all must eat healthy enough to sustain this lifestyle long-term.

Health matters, whether you want to admit it or not.

Personally, when I went plant-based I began eating more consciously and reading the labels. Not only to see if it was vegan but also to know what I was putting into my body. I wanted to understand what I was consuming.

Here are tips for eating healthy as a new vegan:

  • Surround yourself with individuals who care about their well-being.

When you have mentors and people to look up to, you will want to do better. I also find that podcasts help me when I go out for a walk or a run. When I am striving to be healthier, it feels good to have someone to mentor me through their content. 

Find inspiring people like Michelle Muench who will motivate you to eat healthy, at home and on the go. She makes me want to be the greatest version of myself and I love her smoothie recipes.

  • Create a menu and buy only the foods you need.

Look through my Pinterest board and search for healthy recipes. Then create a food menu that you’ll love, and only shop the things that you’ll need to prepare them.

Make a list that you can take with you to the store and you are set. Again, I have a great Pinterest board that you can follow to get daily inspiration.

  • Slowly replace unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives.

If you love to snack on chocolate or chips, replace them with their healthier versions. Dark chocolate with less than 3 ingredients and natural chips made from various vegetables (beets, carrots).

Don’t rush into that as it can turn you off eventually, but rather take it to step by step. Go at your own pace. You already know what works for you.

Now you can truly start being a healthier version of yourself. When you feel better, you do better.

I know veganism is about the ethical side and being moral, but if you are sick or dead, you are not helping anyone. Only those who are smart enough to put their health as a priority will create the necessary change.

You got this.

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tips for eating healthy as a new vegan