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Where I live, we have a ton of stray animals. Cats and dogs are roaming the streets and my sister is glued to her phone so she can call the mayor to approve of a shelter picking them up.

This week we can take a look at how to help stray animals in 3 steps.

It is easy to look away but we must face the reality. And the reality is that many beings are suffering while we are not paying attention.

I encourage you to pick one thing and really commit to doing it. Just think about how much good you have in your heart that you can finally share with others.

Here is how to help stray animals in 3 steps:

  • Feed them.

Put a bowl of fresh water or a bowl with dog/cat kibbles outside. That way stray pups and cats will have something to eat and drink when they happen to be at your place.

It is a small gesture but it does a lot of good.

  • Donate money.

Various organizations and charities require money to spay and neuter non-human animals, feed them, take care of them and save them from the streets.

Even something small as 5€ can be helpful.

  • Adopt.

Easily the best thing to do to help stray animals is to adopt them.

Now, I know this is not the simplest of solutions but it does help the most. Just make sure you are prepared for this big step. I wrote about adopting a dog and what you should ask yourself beforehand here.

Which one will you do? I know one of them is a bit harder than the other two, but if you are ready for adoption, go through with it.

No matter what you do, though, you are doing a great job. You are saving lives and making them better.

You got this. You always have.

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how to help stray animals

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