how to help sea animals

I find that as a society, we completely forget that life in the sea exists. 

Yes, we know that there are whales and sharks and fish, but we don’t actually think of them as living creatures who have families and friends, and whose heart beats just like ours.

We look at them and see food or a prop for entertainment. We see a snack, a noise machine that helps us fall asleep, a lovely wallpaper. 

I want to change that. 

I want to inspire you to help sea animals in every way that you can because, at the end of the day, they are your family too. Distant relatives, but still a family. 

Because I wanted to only share realistic things anyone can do, you will get four ideas that can be accomplished quickly and without much effort. Okay, a little effort will be necessary but I’m going to be by your side the whole time. 

Here are 4 ways you can help sea animals:

  • Don’t eat them.

You would think this was obvious to people, yet for some reason, we still consume sea life as if they were not living creatures.

If you truly care about making an impact on their lives and saving them, don’t eat them. Opt for plant-based alternatives that can now be found almost everywhere you buy your groceries.

  • Don’t pollute their home.

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change and water pollution. By not consuming sea animals, you are not only saving them but you are also saving their home.

Another way to not pollute their homes is by avoiding single-use plastic. I talk about ways in which you can do that in this post here.

  • Speak up for their rights.

Whenever you can, defend their right to live unbothered and free. A lot of sea animals communicate differently from us so we must be their human voice. 

Tell people what they would want to say to humanity if they had a chance.

  • Share the truth.

Use social media platforms to share images and videos of what is happening in our oceans. People need to be aware as that is the first step to changing their habits.

I love WeAnimals for this exact reason. 

I encourage you to pick one and start today. We don’t want to wait any longer now that we have the knowledge of what must be done to help sea animals.

Most of our oxygen comes from the sea so we want to protect it. 

We all share a common ancestor. That means we are literally all related. Yes, you, me, the ants, mice, rats, snakes, all the individuals we love to hate, and those we love, like dogs and cats.

I love that as it reminds me to be kind to everyone. No matter how different they look from me. That goes for human and non-human animals.

To help sea animals we must start seeing them as brothers and sisters, or cousins if that makes it easier for you. Family. We share genes even with trees, people!

We are all on this planet together. Let’s be respectful.

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how to help sea animals

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