kinds of vegans to follow on social media

How do you decide who to follow on social media? Do you just follow anyone whom you find, or do you really put some thought into making the right decision?

Personally, I stalk for weeks before I finally decide to follow someone as their content has to be good on a regular basis, not just every now and then. To me, it matters who is on my feed. These people have to earn a spot there.

As a vegan, I follow all types of plant-based influencers but generally they fall into one of the five categories. The workers. The activists. The parents. The philosophers. The news.

Now, some fit into more than just one category but usually, one trait prevails. So I know exactly which bucket is already full and whether or not I will follow that person or brand on social media.

You don’t have to limit yourself as I do. Of course not. But it helps to know that your feed is well researched and you are getting information from different sources, not just the workers or the activists.

To make things easier for you, here are 5 kinds of vegans to follow on social media:

  • The Workers are entrepreneurs and business-oriented people. They build corporations and bring products and services to the masses. My favourite vegan worker is Colleen Patrick Goudreau.
  • The Activists do the tough work that most of us shy away from. They look behind the closed doors and bring us knowledge of what happens in slaughterhouses and dairy farms. My favourite vegan activist is Earthling Ed.
  • The Parents make us envy them with their great recipes and fun activities for kids. We are inspired by their leadership and, honestly, they make us want to have a child or two. My favourite vegan parent is Michelle Muench.
  • The Philosophers raise important questions about morality and ethics. They make us step back and question why we are really here and why do we continue speaking up for non-human animals. 
  • The News are big channels that bring us, well, the latest news about what is going on around the world. Be very, very careful who you follow as they can make your day better or worse with just one post. My favourite vegan news page is Plant Based News.

Does everyone you follow fit into one of these five categories? If not, perhaps you could expand your circle of people whom you follow.

I suggest you have a well-rounded list of individuals whom you see every day on your feed. That way, you will be inspired by a variety of peeps, not just a handful. 

This really works for me because I find that I am much more educated on different topics now. I am also a better activist because inspiration and motivation come to me from all corners, not just one type of vegan.

Try this for yourself and see what happens.

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kinds of vegans to follow on social media