love yourself

Do you love yourself?

Actually, the answer doesn’t really matter because this challenge is for everyone alike. Whether you are your own best friend or your own biggest enemy, this is for you.

We will together learn how to love ourselves. Because it is difficult sometimes, isn’t it? I would know since I used to literally beat the living shit out of myself due to self-hate.

But that is in the past now as I have turned a new page. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am my own best friend already, but I am pretty damn close. 

It takes time to do that. Self-love is a practice, not something you achieve overnight. Especially not if you’ve been on the hate train for most of your life.

So if you are ready, here is your 5-day love yourself challenge:

  • Day 1.

We will spend the first day meditating and being mindful. 

Observing our minds and learning how it works, is the beginning of self-love because if we don’t know what is the problem, we can’t fix it. By meditating and observing the thoughts that appear you get an idea of what is happening in your mind.

What hateful things appear on your mind most often? When you learn that, you can solve the problem.

  • Day 2.

Take care of your body by taking a simple 15-minute walk. 

Go alone, without earbuds or headphones, and without your phone. That is crucial as we want to truly engage with nature and observe the environment we are in. Look around you. Be there for it and it will be there for you.

Walking is an exercise for the soul.

  • Day 3.

Relax and take a bath or a nice shower.

After a long day, there is nothing better than to get underwater and close your eyes for a moment. It calms you down and helps you be mindful, even if only for a few seconds. Enjoy yourself. Take care of your body, mind and, yup, your hygiene. 

  • Day 4.

Give your body a break by taking a nap.

Yes, a part of our love yourself challenge is taking a nap and going to dreamland for a bit. So get cosy, lay down and close your eyes for a bit. Sleep. Rest. Be still. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

  • Day 5.

Buy yourself something nice and affordable. 

Today I encourage you to spend a few Euros on yourself. Not much but enough to give yourself a treat – something you desire. You know, something nice. Really think about what you want, and splurge on it (within a budget, of course). 

I encourage you to take this love yourself challenge and see how it works for you. 

This is not only a cute little challenge so you can pamper yourself, but to truly dedicate some time to yourself. In this day and age, it is easy to forget that we are animals too. We want to not only be vegan for others, but for ourselves too. 

See how it changes your relationship with time and self-care. Every day you have 24 hours available to love yourself, and even 5 minutes a day of focused self-love can change everything.

You got this. You always have.

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love yourself challenge