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waking up meditation app

These past few weeks have been incredibly powerful for me.

I have been meditating multiple times a day, using the Waking Up meditation app, of course, and paying extra attention to the thoughts that appear and how I react to them.

I am experiencing a lot of shifts currently in my mind and I think my daily practice is finally paying off big time. I feel changes in how I react and act after just 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation. At this point, I truly think I am close to something powerful.


I already reviewed the app here, but I love it so much – which you know if you are a regular reader – that I want to share with you 3 things I love most about it. It is a brilliant tool to help us become masters of our own mind and avoid being kept prisoner to whatever thoughts appear in consciousness.

I hope to persuade you to download it and try it for yourself. I don’t know how I would survive without it, this is quite literally true, and I am eternally grateful to Sam for creating it.

Here are 3 things I love most about the Waking Up meditation app:

  • The 28-day introductory course.

Before you start with daily meditations, you have a chance to go through a 28-day introductory meditation course where Sam leads you through simple short meditations that help you understand the practice. They are amazing for beginners – and advanced meditators alike – and you feel absolutely supported through all the obstacles you encounter. As you make progress, he introduces different, and a bit more advanced perhaps, techniques.

  • Different techniques (including meditations for kids).

When you finish with the 28-day course, you can explore other types of meditation. As you get more comfortable, you can try meditating while feeling pain in your physical body or take it outside and do a walking meditation. To deepen the love you feel for yourself and others you have Metta meditations. and so much more that I hope you explore on your own. Also, Sam’s wife has beautiful meditations for kids that feel so cozy and wonderful when you just want to relax but take it more easily.

  • The simplicity of using it.

I cannot stop talking about how simple the app is to use. Not that other apps aren’t, because I assume by now we all have phones with apps and even 90-year olds can master technology. But this one is really beautifully created and it doesn’t feel cluttered or too chaotic for the mind (because some are too bright, colorful and distasteful). The app screams mindfulness in the best way possible.

The whole team is wonderful and beyond kind when answering questions. Not to mention how much effort Sam puts in every single meditation, lesson and conversation. And yes, there are also lessons and conversations with other long-term meditators that you can listen to.

It is a perfect meditation app for sceptics and those who do not belong to any religion but simply want to have some sort of spiritual practice in their lives. It’s also very visually pleasing and not too hard on the eyes (I said that already, I know), which matters when you use it before you go to sleep and you want to meditate before laying down.

I would also recommend you read Sam’s book Waking Up: Searching For Spirituality Without Religion. It fits perfectly with the course and it contains a lot of lessons you hear on the app in written form.

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waking up meditation app