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I talked in the past about how much I struggle with my skin so I figured now would be a good time to share some of the products I use daily that work well for me.

My face is always full of acne. No matter how clean I eat, how much water I drink, what type of make-up I wear and what products I use… nothing works long-term.

It’s the reason why I am so self-conscious about my looks because no foundation hides the imperfections and having really oily skin, I am always shining and looking like I never wash my face.

Being a fan of the brand Alverde, I decided to check out some of the products I haven’t bought yet. 

I talk about them very often because I love that they are an organic and cruelty-free brand, although not all products are vegan.

Today I will talk about a foundation I started using a few weeks ago, a face cleansing cream, and lip balm – two Alverde products and one from SANTE.

Are you ready? Here are my favorite organic and vegan products:

Every day after a shower when my pores are open and my foundation is off, I use this cleansing cream with clay. It gets slightly foamy so you have that nice feeling when you massage your face. I find that my skin gets less red after using it and it just feels smoother overall – especially when I use it after a nice face scrub. It is 100% free of preservatives, synthetic color and fragrance. I’m telling you, Alverde has the best natural products I’ve tried so far.

alverde cleansing cream vegan organic clay

I used to complain that I couldn’t find a foundation for my super pale face, but then I found this foundation and I realized I am actually not that pale. I mix it with a teeny-tiny bit of face cream and it gets a nice color that makes my face look natural. I like that it’s not oily or shiny, but settles down and gives you a nice matt look. It really covers most of my acne which is a miracle because my previous foundation, as good as it was, didn’t cover my face super well. I use the shade 05 Porcelain. I do have to mention that the bottle is made from glass so that’s nice for those who want to be more eco-friendly.

alverde foundation concealer cruelty free

This is basically the only lip balm that I know of so I didn’t really have much of a choice when buying it. Not that I needed it because SANTE created this natural lip balm that gives your lips a nice soft coat of protection and moisture. I wish it had a little bit of color to it, especially when my lips get white in the winter, but as I said it is the only vegan choice at the store that I shop at. It’s gluten-free and it contains pomegranate and marula oil.

 lip balm sante

I hope you found any new products that you will try this year. 

I personally don’t like to try new things because I have this thing that I want to stay loyal to a product if it is working – even if there might be a brand that has better ones for me to try.

But I ran out of my Catrice foundation and I decided to try something by Alverde. My previous foundation worked well but it wasn’t perfect; that gave me a bit of a push to find a foundation that might be better.

I’m also getting older and I should probably change what I put on my face since my skin is different from how it was when I was in my early twenties.

Are you like that too? Do you get used to using a specific product that you have a hard time changing it? 

Anyway, I need to be more adventurous.

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organic and vegan products review