moisturizing hair conditioner alverde

You know I am obsessed with the brand Alverde.

Almost every product I use is made by them. From their wonderful cleansing cream with clay to a foundation that is the closest thing I will get to my skin tone.

I really trust them, you know?

So even though my favorite conditioner is LanghaarMadchen, I decided to treat myself to something new and experiment a little bit.

In the past I used conditioners by Alverde almost all the time, but have stopped using them once I found one that gave me better results.

moisturizing hair conditioner alverde

Anyway, I am glad I added this one to my current hair routine – I use both Langhaarmadchen and Alverde conditioners at the moment.

I love that this moisturizing hair conditioner without silicones and sulfates is also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Although I am not strict on the product being natural or organic, I do appreciate it when it is, and Alverde is the closest thing to healthy beauty products one can get on a budget.

I have thin hair and about twice a week I condition it. When I want to leave it in for longer than 10 minutes, I use Alverde, and when I just want to smooth my hair quickly I go to the other one.

Because this one is specifically made to moisturize, it contains bio coconut oil and jojoba oil – both certified organic. I rinse it after 10 minutes and it gives my hair a nice shine and smoothness. 

Do you know how some conditioners make your hair heavy and gross? Not this one.

As I said, I use it once a week when I take the time to sit in the shower and wait for my hair to absorb it. I like that it smells like coconuts, but not in an artificial way. 

I am serious when I say that I trust Alverde with everything they do. Not every product works for me, but I have never hated anything that I bought from them.

I recommend this hair conditioner if you have really thin hair – and this one is also for the dry type so it gives you extra moisture when you use it.

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moisturizing hair conditioner alverde

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