take care of dry hands

Let’s talk about one of the most boring yet important topics in the world – hands. 

It is a part of our body that deserves all the attention we can give to it. After all, it helps us carry things, hold people and touch items that trigger positive emotions. 

I’ve spoken many, many times about my struggles with super dry hands and how they bleed if I don’t take extreme care.

Today, I will share 3 things that help me take care of them and make the situation a teeny tiny bit better. I won’t lie, though, and say that I have figured out how to make them soft because that would be false.

A big part of why I struggle with this issue is the environment I live in. Winters are brutal and summers don’t last long. Being originally from the Coast where sunshine and sea are almost part of my DNA, this environment kills me.

Anyway, I might talk about why I had to leave the beach and replace it with mountains another time.

Right now, here are 3 ways to take care of dry hands:

  • Moisturize like your life depends on it.

I know we hate the word moist but my hands are loving it. There are so many creams and butter on the market that you are bound to find the perfect one for yourself.

One of my favourites is by the brand Kamill. It is vegan, cruelty-free, contains organic chamomile, and it takes care of the nails as well. Needless to say, it is perfect for my hands.

kamill hand cream

Find a cream that works for you and invest in it like it’s crypto. 

  • Drink a lot of fluids.

Everyone knows that water, and other fluids, are the best solution for dry skin, but how often do we keep hydrated? How often do we give our bodies what they require?

Make sure you keep your reusable glass water bottle with you at all times. Refill it multiple times a day and feed your skin with what it needs to keep moisturised.

  • Keep your hands warm.

Gloves are my most precious and valuable piece of clothing this time of the year.

I spend a lot of time outside because of our dog Chuck and nothing ruins the experience quicker than cold hands. Add to that my problem with dryness and you have a recipe for disastrous days that should be spent enjoying my dog’s life.

Invest in a thin pair that you can wear when it is a bit warmer, and the thickest gloves you can find for those icy days. You don’t even have to spend much as you can get a good pair for as little as 5€.

Pretty basic but you would be surprised by how helpful these tips are yet underused. 

Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body. How often do you thank them, though? How often do you just appreciate them for what they’re helping you do throughout the day?

I know this may sound stupid and woo-woo, but think about it.

Your body parts are working perfectly together to carry consciousness inside. If there is no body, there is no life. So the fact that you are alive means you must stop taking it for granted.

Your hands, and your whole body, deserve to be respected.

Take care of them. Appreciate them. Pamper them. You only have one pair of them to use; if something goes wrong, there is probably zero chance you get a new set. Morbid, I know.

The thing is… be more grateful for the body you have.

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how to take care of dry hands