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All my pale sisters out there, I have something you will love.

Recently I went on a little shopping spree to the city and bought myself an Essence cherry lip balm with almond oil that gives my lips this very beautiful dark red/pink tint.

My whole life I have been anaemic and, sadly, this means my face is super pale, as well as my lips. No, it’s not because I am vegan as I was low on iron when I was seven and I was not plant-based then.

I can get a tan in the summer, sure, but my lips will still be pale in comparison to other people whose iron levels are normal.

That’s why I would sometimes use lipstick to give my face a bit of colour. But I wanted something lighter and more moisturizing.

This Essence lip balm is nourishing, creamy and shiny. Nice shiny, not something your young niece would wear to a birthday party.

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I put just a tiny bit of it as it is very strong in colour and it immediately makes my lips stand out. I want them to look as natural as possible so I never go overboard when applying.

Of course, it is also vegan and cruelty-free, just as we like it here.

Another thing I want to point out that you will love as much as I do is that the colour lasts for hours. I can drink, eat or wash my face, it won’t come off which is amazing when you are outside for long hours and cant reapply when it comes off.

Next time, I will try other shades as well but this cherry lip balm I am using now was definitely a good investment.

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