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books for women in late 20s

As I slowly, slowly leave my 20s I want to share some of the books that have impacted me positively.

Being a lover of self-help and business books, I looked on my shelf to find what works actually changed my life. Not which books I liked, but those that helped me achieve something wonderful.

Honestly, I’m so happy to enter my 30s next year. It can’t be worse than the previous decade so I am looking forward to seeing what life brings to me. Am I the only woman who likes getting older haha?

But enough about me.

I just know you will love these books. Not one person has all the answers but a lot of them have gone through much more than we have, and they are experts in their own respective industries.

So here are 5 books for women in their late 20s:

This was the very first finance book that truly spoke to me.

rich bitch nicole lapin book

Others were written by older women in the 90s, or by men who only spoke about hustle and sweat. Basically, they were not aimed at young women in their 20s who didn’t have a house, children or a husband.

They were not created for me and chances are, they are not created for you either. 

Rich Bitch is fun, easy to understand, and did I say fun? Nicole knew that I was not interested in learning about long words if there was not an interesting story behind it. She also knew I wanted to know she understand my goals – young woman to a young woman.

I now know how to effectively budget, set financial goals that work for my vision of my future self, and why buying a house is really not something everyone should do (even if you actually want one).

The extensive financial glossary at the end is just a cherry on top.

I bought this book because I thought it would teach me how to be mean and bossy and all Elizabeth Holmes-like (minus the fraud).

the art of war for women

Once I started reading it, I realized it was quite the opposite. 

It was actually about working together and trusting in your own strength. It was about being a woman of value and wisdom rather than a person whom no one respects. Like I said, the opposite of Miss Holmes.

I believed that succeeding meant being an awful person because that’s what I saw on the small screen. But true success comes when everyone wins, and even if you are a leader, you are leading with heart, knowing that you touch everyone with kindness.

It is still a business book that will teach you how to win in a war, but it is not a book about destroying anyone. 

What would happen if women started working together? If looking at another female didn’t trigger jealousy and competition but sisterhood, as cheesy as that sounds?

girl code cara alwill

Girl Code is a great testament to what can happen when we work together to create a new reality. One in which women are building their careers and relationships based on feminine strengths, not trying to be like men and push each other down.

Cara is the face of this new movement. A movement that supports women who support other women. A movement that just might make this world a better place.

Not every woman can be Superwoman, but every woman can be a super woman.

becoming super woman nicole lapin

Nicole beautifully wrote a book for those who are overwhelmed, stressed and “too busy” to put themselves first. She wrote it for millions of women who forget about themselves while trying to make everybody else happy.

I love that it speaks to every woman who has up until now suffered in silence. 

We think we must have everything. That we can do everything. While that is admirable, it is not realistic or possible.

Nicole will show you that it is okay to not have everything, especially because that word has a different meaning for every individual. What may be everything for me could be just one small piece of the pie for you.

I love the book precisely because it works for all of us yet is at the same time so very personal and specific. My biggest takeaway was exactly that: there can only be one Superwoman but all of us can be superwomen.

I wrote about how this book changed my outlook in this post here.

marie forleo everything is figureoutable

My whole outlook on life improved because of the small mantra that I began repeating daily: everything is figureoutable.

Sure, yeah, obviously, I can figure anything out and make this life better for myself and everyone involved. In the words of Elle Woods: Like it’s hard?! We can be so much grander than we already are.

Marie shares many stories of how this mantra and belief helped her in life and business. The way everything began changing once she figured out that she can figure out solutions to all the problems (yes, I intentionally did that).

It is my favourite self-help book I have read to this day.

Which one will you start by reading first? It really doesn’t matter, although, I do recommend you get your finances in order before anything else. 

I’m still doing that and I already feel more confident and secure. Seeing how I went from bankruptcy to now being debt-free and having a job, I am so glad to see the progress.

What do you want to improve? What matters to YOU? It’s all about your goals and your vision. While finances are super valuable to me, for you it might be something completely different. 

Listen to that voice inside of you that knows the true answer. You know which one I am talking about.

Listen to it!

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books for women in their late 20s