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I don’t know about you, but my hands are dryer than the Sahara desert.

Keeping them soft is basically the biggest challenge I am facing as a human. Okay, I am exaggerating but it is still true that this is a big problem.

To tackle it I use two different hand creams that are so incredible and helpful that I need to tell you about them. Dry hands will not defeat me!

As a vegan, I always want to make sure no non-human animals were harmed in the process of making a product.

Kamill and Afrodita Cosmetics managed to create two wonderful hand creams that are not only vegan, cruelty-free and contain delicious smelling chamomile, but are made in Europe.

You know that I always care about our EU companies and because we are all so close to each other, the delivery doesn’t harm the environment as much as it would if it were made on another continent.

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Afrodita Cosmetics SOS Repair Care hand & nail cream smells like a dream, hydrates my hands and leaves them feeling soft and moist (not in a gross way). I use it after a shower when my hands are, in my opinion, more able to absorb the goodies (not sure that’s a fact).

And Kamill hand cream with organic chamomile is free from colourants, parabens, PEG emulsifiers, mineral oils and paraffins. It was also a best-selling hand cream in 2018 across Germany!

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afrodita cosmetics slovenia hand cream repair sos

What else can you ask from a cream that takes care of your hands and nails? I think these two just might be ideal.

I use them throughout the whole day and sometimes even both at the same time. No crime in that. 

They are affordable so anyone can get them, even if your budget is super tight. I always look inside my wallet before making any purchase so you should never worry that I will recommend a product you can’t afford.

We are here to share tips and product recommendations while staying aware of the hard circumstances a lot of people live in.

That’s why I promise both Kamill and Afrodita Cosmetics hand creams are worthy of your investment because you not only get more than what you paid for, but you also get quality without sacrificing what you don’t have.

So go get your hands moisturized!

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