podcasts to listen to 2021

I think I might be addicted to listening to podcasts.

My earbuds are permanently inside my ears and I cannot seem to stop learning about something, or laughing at a funny commentary.

It could be worse. Although, is there such a thing as addiction to listening to podcasts?

Because I am so in love with this magical thing called podcasts I want to share my favourite ones with you. I listen to a variety of different shows so you are bound to find something that will be your cup of tea.

I decided to write a short description and include my favourite episodes so I can help you get started. I like to think that I have good taste and you will enjoy it.

I chose 6 that I believe are the best of the best. As I mentioned in my post about life lessons I learnt from Friends, I like to learn from everything. Just because an episode seems frivolous, remember that this is just your perception.

Knowledge is everywhere.

Here are podcasts to listen to this year:

  • The Making Sense Podcast is a perfect listen for everyone who is interested in topics such as philosophy, morality, atheism, mindfulness and politics. It is hosted by Sam Harris who is the most mentioned person on my blog.

My favourite episodes:


  • The Disclosure Podcast will be loved by every individual who wants to expand their compassion to include all beings and live a more ethical life.

My favourite episodes:


  • Last Podcast on The Left is a podcast that mixes true crime and conspiracy theories to bring you the most hilarious jokes and entertaining storytelling.

My favourite episodes:


My favourite episodes:


  • Casefile is a true-crime podcast that will get you sitting on the edge of your seat, check if you’ve locked the door twice, and take self-defence classes.

My favourite episodes:


  • P.S. I Hate This Movie just might be the best movie commentary podcast out there – especially if you love to make fun of chick flicks. Before you get defensive, let me just say that I absolutely love romantic comedies and I find this show as hilarious as those who hate them.

My favourite episodes:

Let me know down in the comments which podcast you will listen to first. I would love to know!

There is just too much knowledge out there to not share it with others. I mean, honestly, how do you expect me to know about every single show about veganism out there when I am still trying to keep up with the ones I am already subscribed to?

If you are experiencing what people apparently call FOMO or fear of missing out, no worries. I got your back. I will let you know when something is worth checking out.

For now, I will let you listen to these. You have to start somewhere, no?

Life is too fucking long to spend it miserable and serious. You have to laugh and live and listen to podcasts that will make your heart stop – either because they are so interesting or too frightening.

Plus, you get to feel less lonely or bored when cleaning your home, waking long routes or working out. And if we are honest, we do probably work out less because we are not enjoying it.

I don’t think the solution is to not do it. I think we ought to figure out how to make it more fun.

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