vegan products of the month

I love finding great vegan products that I can share with others.

After 5 years of living this green lifestyle, I have learnt that no matter how normal eating only plants and not exploiting other animals is, you still get super excited when you find a new brand that is ethical and good for the planet.

So today I want to share with you my 4 favorite vegan products that I have been loving these past few months and that I adore so much I want you to know about them as well.

I don’t use many things in my day-to-day life, but those that I do are the ones I truly believe in and value.

Here they are:

  • Instant cappuccino that tastes like toffee by VGN FCTRY.

I am addicted to this cappuccino with a toffee flavor. Like, straight up I need two cups a day to be happy. Every time I sit down to have my cup of cappuccino in my Elon mug, I am 20% less anxious and stressed. It is a positive trigger that calms my mind and makes me feel cozy and safe. It is sweet, creamy (when made with the right plant-based milk) and if you want to experiment, you can try different flavors (I prefer toffee but in the past, I tried hazelnut and caramel too).

vgn fctry vegan cappuccino toffee

  • Reusable bags for produce by Tuš.

Once upon a time I almost passed out from happiness because I saw Tuš finally started to sell reusable bags for produce. I immediately grabbed one (with two pairs of bags in different sizes) and ran to the counter. I now use them all the time and always make sure my dad has them with him when he goes to the store. I also tell my sister all the time she has to use it. They are pretty, durable and big enough to carry a whole lot of apples and bananas. 

reusable bags for produce tuš

For the longest time I was using non-vegan products to clean the floor or windows, and there was a time when I just said fuck it and used only water. But ever since I discovered these wonderfully eco-friendly vegan products by the brand Winni’s Naturel I am enjoying cleaning even more. The brand is all about sustainability, transparency and being budget-friendly so everyone can afford to be good to our Mama Earth!

Winni's Naturel vegan cleaning products

If you are new to this green lifestyle you are probably feeling a bit lost because there are so many things to change and improve.

But that’s the fun part! Now things get really exciting.

You have an opportunity now to start all over again, but this time you will feel better and peaceful when buying things. You will be voting for products that deserve the attention and money that you invest.

It’s not about not buying anything ever again and becoming a strict minimalist. It’s about being mindful of what you buy and, most importantly, why you buy it. 

If you are searching for even more vegan products that you might fall in love with, the same way I did, then please make sure you are following me on Instagram and Pinterest.


vegan products of the month