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vegan dm products

Lately, I have been feeling a bit more adventurous when it comes to wearing makeup.

You would think that means I am wearing bright neon lipstick, but in reality, it just means I am wearing mascara. I really hate putting makeup on my face, but since I am spending so much time in the city, I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to look presentable.

So I went to my favorite drugstore, DM, and looked around to find vegan products that I can wear during the summer. 

My main focus was getting a great foundation as my skin is not in good shape (I haven’t had clear skin since I was 13) and I am shining like crazy, especially on my T-zone. But you know how it is when women go shopping… we simply can’t just purchase one thing.

I like to think of the things I buy as investments and these next few items are certainly something I feel good about bringing home with me. I also do this with food and when I gain 2 kilos I feel like it was worth it, you know?

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s focus on things that can move our society forward and how to support companies that are selling items that are animal-friendly.

So here are my new vegan DM products that I will be using this summer:

I’ve been using two foundations by Alverde and Catrice for the past few years, usually mixing the two together to get the benefits both have to offer. 

Since summers are especially hard on my skin, I wanted to try something new and this long-lasting foundation by Essence sounds like it could help me out. 

The best part is that it smells really really nice – sort of like sunscreen.

It’s no secret that I love Alverde and their hair conditioners. They are thick which is great when you want to really feed your hair and they make them smooth and light.

I already reviewed one of the moisturizing hair conditioners here if you are interested in learning about why I love this brand so much.

I can go without mascara, lipstick and if I am at home even without wearing a foundation. 

But I like to have my eyebrows done – and by done I mean done by me, a person that has no knowledge of how to use makeup. Out of all the products I bought this time, this eyebrow pencil is the only one I tried in the past and it is super easy to use.

Remember, it’s crucial to pick a shade that matches your hair (it has to be a teeny bit darker, though) and because eyebrows are the mirror to one’s soul, they need to look presentable.

I usually just wear liquid foundation but since having a shiny nose and forehead is not sexy, I’ve decided to cave in and start using powder to help me tame my skin a bit.

It promises to give me smooth and flawless finish so I will have to see how true that is once I start using it. If people can stop seeing their reflection on my shiny nose, then Essence deserves to win multiple beauty awards.

I really don’t like mascaras because I happen to cry every time it gets a bit windy, but this one is called Bye Bye Panda Eyes and that makes me feel hopeful about what we can accomplish together.

It says that it’s made to last all day without smudging or clumping. I am excited to see if this one works better than the previous ones I tried and how it fights my tears.

Not everyone knows that I have been dealing with anaemia for almost as long as I have been alive. I was just reading a few documents from my early visits to the doctors’ office when I was a child and it said I was low on iron even back then.

It’s something that hasn’t improved when I went vegan and after taking iron supplements and then getting too much iron my doctor said I have to stop because too much is also bad.

One of the effects of not having enough iron is paleness, which also means your lips are showing everyone that your body is not getting enough of something. 

Now, it’s something I have accepted and I’ve been working on solving this issue for decades, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to cover this problem and wear lipstick to avoid looking sick.

I wanted a nice looking matt lipstick that will give my lips a pretty shade but will also look natural. I went with 01 Donuts Go Nut as it’s this nice brown-ish color (I’m not good at this can you tell) that looks professional and classy.

vegan dm store

As mentioned, these products are new and I haven’t actually tried them before (except the eyebrow pencil which I love). If you want me to review them in the fall, please leave a comment. 

As I said earlier, my face is a mess in the summertime because of my oily skin and acne. It makes me feel less confident and more likely to hide and not interact with my fellow humans.

Can you relate? I think that anyone who is 27 and still struggles with pimples knows how much it sucks having to wear makeup everywhere because you are sick and tired of your face looking like a mess.

But anyway, I just wanted to share with you the new vegan DM products that I will be testing on myself for the next few weeks. 

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vegan dm products