Recently I went on a hiking trip with my aunts and I received important life lessons while doing so. Rather important lessons, might I say.

As a Slovenian, coming from a nation of hikers, this activity is in my blood. But I still had to push myself and overcome some of the obstacles I was facing. 

Today I want to talk about them. 

Because when we face things that throw stones before our feet, we learn about ourselves. We grow. We evolve. We become more of ourselves.

Being in nature is refreshing. It brings us closer to Mother Earth and to our ancestors. So go out there, relax in nature and hike your pretty little legs out.

Here is what hiking taught me about life:

  • Stay mindful. 

When you are hiking, you must be very careful because one wrong step and you are sliding down and into a tree. Or towards your death. Either way, you have to be careful.

Mindfulness helped me stay on the path and breathe through every obstacle I encountered. There was no time to think about the past or the future. No time to ponder big life questions. Just putting one foot in front of the other.

As in hiking as in life. 

  • Enjoy the view. 

As you hike, enjoy the view and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Do the same in your day-to-day life.

In life, you are only going up even if it appears that you’re failing. Because the final destination is always death. So take the time, in every moment, to enjoy the view from where you are. 

No matter the weather, you are further along than you think you are. You got this.

  • Be in good company.

It matters who you are surrounded with. People whom you trust and who trust you; beings whom you love and who love you.

A good hiking trip will not only be remembered based on what the view was like, but who you were with. That is why it’s crucial that you find individuals with whom you can enjoy the view and practice mindfulness.

Who would’ve thought that one day of hiking could bring so much wisdom into my life?

It was also nice to catch up with my aunts and talk to them about life. I come from a huge family so it is always good to see what everyone is doing. But I digress…

I want to inspire you to start going out in nature more often. Be in awe of our environment – from forests to oceans.

Get lost in the beauty of what Earth has to offer.

You got this.

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what hiking taught me about life

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