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the joyful vegan book review

Although I believe love and attention are the greatest presents each one of us can give to those we love, I think books take the cake when it comes to gifting things we can hold.

The Joyful Vegan: How to Stay Vegan in a World That Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy, and Eggs is the perfect book to give to your vegan friends or perhaps your mother who lately cannot seem to stop talking about that horrible video she watched on Facebook by PETA.

It beautifully mixes the information one needs to start a vegan journey or stay on one. It is meant to uplift you when you feel like you’re falling and give you the tools to climb even further up than you ever thought you could go.

Colleen has been vegan for a long time. So long that some of you reading this were still non-existent when she was out there making changes and inspiring individuals.

If there is a person who knows how to handle setbacks and obstacles one encounters living this lifestyle, CPG has all the answers you need to tackle them. 

I finished reading the book in about two days because I could relate to so many things she wrote in The Joyful Vegan. Actually, I can probably relate to everything she wrote, if I dare to be honest with myself.

I love that it covers things like the vegan police and different types of activism we can do because this is something I am interested in as well. And you don’t feel judged for not being the stereotypical vegan while reading it. It’s for everyone!

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avoiding burnout vegan book

The lessons are evergreen and will be helpful 30 years from now. The Joyful Vegan is an investment, a very wise one. 

I know that anger is tempting and sadness is contagious sometimes, but I aim to be a joyful vegan. Not only because it will help me on my own journey, but because it makes me a better activist. 

Everyone dreams of being a happy advocate that can spread compassion with a smile on their face, but with this book, you actually get to learn how to accomplish this goal.

You have 12 months ahead of you to get there. Take a chance!

To read my review of Vegan’s Daily Companion, also written by Colleen Patrick Goudreau, please make sure to read this post here. It’s another wonderful reading material for this cold season we are in right now.


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