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January is so close that I can already smell the broken New Year’s resolutions.

Veganuary is one thing you will want to check off your list successfully, though, and I am here to help you accomplish that.

I started transitioning to eating plant-based in April 2014 but I officially woke up and stopped eating animal products in March 2015. 

January is just not my month, people.

On a more serious note, I am actually very proud of everyone who has decided to participate in Veganuary this (well, next) year. It takes guts to say no to what you were taught since you were a child and look on the side where hippies hang out.

Okay, not all of us are hippies or New Age followers. If you look really, really hard you can actually see the diversity. 

That’s also what I want to talk about today.

I’ve given a lot of advice to new vegans over the years. I shared tips and tricks and lessons, everything that might make your vegan journey easier and better.

Given that you are most likely only starting to discover what veganism is and who vegans are, I want to welcome you into this huge community. 

You are probably feeling a bit scared due to all the changes you know are coming, perhaps you are even truly frightened of what you could lose in January. These are all valid and normal emotions.

One of the reasons why you are feeling this could be that you are in unknown territory. Vegans do have a big stereotype hanging over us that says we are different and eccentric. 

Maybe you’ve never even met someone who was plant-based.

Eating plants and being kind to all living beings is not a thing that only the chosen ones do. You are not less of a vegan for going against the stereotype.

I know it sucks that you seem to be a rare Conservative/religious/pro-life/pro-gun/Centrist plant-eater but you are still a part of this movement. Many of us are defying the stereotype that you have to be an anti-capitalist Lefty individual to fight for animal liberation.

If you are feeling left out of the conversation, no need to stop this journey, just look for those who are more like you.

I fear that in this day and age when identity seems to be more important than our collective values or facts, many people will be turned off by what we do as activists.

I mean, why would anyone want to join a group where some of the most popular people in it are calling you nasty names simply for not voting like them?

I wrote about how it feels to be a Centrist vegan more in-depth in these posts here – one and two – but the short answer is that it’s challenging.

Many people have harassed me in my DMs, called me bad names and judged my content without reading it. It’s just not popular to question some ideologies and do things differently from what our politicians and celebrities tell us.

So, my dear Veganuary participant, do not cave.

You are needed. You are wanted. You are valuable to this fight for animal liberation.

You got this, okay? Veganism belongs to everyone.

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