how to start being vegan

Starting to live more ethically is not something you can accomplish through hardship and sweat and tears. 

It’s quite literally just something you decide.

Will there be things to figure out that will make the whole journey easier? Yeah, sure. It’s not that much different from anything else in the world.

But there is no need to get crazy about taking courses, reading tens of books and making a plan that gives you nightmares when you look at it. There is such a thing as too much information.

That is exactly why I want to share with you how you can get started and go vegan in just a few simple steps. 

The most important thing to remember is that all it takes to start making kinder choices is a decision that you will do just that – make kinder choices. 

Here is how to start being vegan in 3 easy steps:

1. Make sure you are very dedicated to this new lifestyle.

It’s one thing to be kind of interested in going vegan, and it’s completely different to be super crazy about this journey you are about to embark upon. Not obsessed but excited.

You will have to be open to new foods and new information, but also strong enough to face the nastiness that people will throw at you for being different. 

You can make it hard by giving up when you find your first obstacle, or you can get motivated through the work others are doing to liberate the innocent and keep going until you’re satisfied.

2. Focus on the big vision and where you want to be.

Knowing that eating 100% plant-based every day is what you see yourself doing eventually, will make it easier when reducing the number of animal products you consume. 

When I ditched almost all meat, dairy and egg products but had a hard time ditching pastries, I focused on the vision I had of myself being vegan.

This will make all the changes much easier to handle. 

Remind yourself every day that you are making progress – write your milestones, share it with others and celebrate the small wins. Be proud that you have finally woken up; most never do.

3. Change your environment and make it work for you.

Do you have vegetables at home? Have you set boundaries with your family and friends yet? Do you have books on nutrition on your shelf ready to be read? 

To make this transition easy we have to make our environment work for us. That means we must remove what could hold us back and add that which inspires us.

Support doesn’t always come in a form of relationships. It also comes in what foods are in your fridge to eat when you get hungry, the books you read on a train, and who you can talk to when you feel stuck or sad.

The outside matters when you are trying to change the beliefs you hold internally.

   You are incredibly well equipped already to deal with the obstacles that await you. You have everything inside of you already: your will, perseverance and vision.

It’s 2020 and unless you’ve been living somewhere without the access to the internet, you know exactly what is happening inside of the slaughterhouses and dairy farms.

If you give a fuck about those who are having their throats slit as we speak, then you will have to take the next step and expand your compassion to those who look very little like you. 

Knowing that you are reading this sentence, you have what it takes to upgrade.

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how to start being vegan