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Gary Yourofsky was an activist that probably inspired more people to go vegan than we will ever know. 

His passion for animal rights and liberating them from those who torture them was what got many of us on the track to go vegan. 

It’s important to have people you can learn from when you are changing your lifestyle to be more animal-friendly. Knowing how they handled the pressure from their peers and what recipes they love, is what can really make a difference for many.

The best part? You can learn from other vegans without having to talk to them or go out and be surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Hey, I have your back if you have social anxiety.

That’s why I want to share with you a few of my favorite vegans that can inspire and motivate you as well.

I am such a big supporter of what Colleen does for other animals and the environment. She inspired me to become a kinder vegan and to not be attached to how others perceive my work as an activist. 

Caitlin is a founder of Rancho Relaxo, a sanctuary that rescues abused animals, helps them recover and gives them a home. She is an absolute angel and her courage to witness the abuse the most innocent among us endure will motivate you to do more for them yourself.

  • Joaquin Phoenix.

It’s rare to see a celebrity use their voice for good, but when it comes to Joaquin Phoenix you wouldn’t expect anything else from him. He uses the platform he has as a successful actor to talk about animal rights and what happens behind closed doors all the time. 

Commonly referred to as the vegan Jesus, Ed has the ability to make people listen to his arguments all the time. He may not convince others that they are wrong when they defend animal abuse, but he sure plants seeds of compassion. If you are looking for a vegan that is focused on calm conversations rather than participating in screaming sessions, Ed is your man.

Not only can we learn from each other but we can see how different activists attract different people. 

That’s why it is crucial to be yourself, as cliche as this sounds. Not everyone is interested in the same things so the variety of animal advocates we have is beautiful and much needed.

As you transition to being vegan, find those you resonate with the most and learn from them. Incorporate what they say if it works for you and see what sticks. Other vegans are just people like you and me, but they have a few tricks and tips that will help you in life.

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