feel anxious

I am an expert on how to survive anxiety attacks. 

I’ve been suffering from anxiety since I can remember and I am currently on antipsychotics to help me handle the attacks. 

They used to be so strong that I would lie down on the floor, waiting for death to come and take me. My family thought I was joking but I was truly dying on the inside. 

This made me create a toolbox of things I could use when I feel anxious. These things will help you when you feel anxious, too. Because they come from someone who actually knows what happens when you are in the midst of anxiety.

As I said, I am an expert, from personal experience. And now I want to share my toolbox with you. Because I know how much it sucks to experience these emotions.

I hope it helps you.

Here is what to do when you feel anxious:

  • Stop and let the emotions take over you. Meditate on the feelings and let them consume you fully. Then, breathe through them. Slowly. Mindfully.
  • Get your journal out and free write. Pour your heart and mind out, so that nothing is left anymore.
  • Go out for a run. Not to run away from your feelings, but to run with them. Run as far as your legs let you and befriend anxiety as your running buddy. 
  • Hug someone who you trust and love. Hugs are pretty magical when done with the right person, and nothing feels better during an anxiety attack than letting go of our need to feel strong and just be vulnerable in the arms of someone else. 

I encourage you to try these things for yourself. 

And remember, anxiety is pointing towards what you need, so talk to it. Ask it what it is trying to tell you; what it is pointing you towards. Perhaps, if you really tune in, you will find a solution to permanently get rid of it. 

I am still communicating with it, so I can’t help you with that, but we can still strive towards it.

We got this. We always have.

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what to do when you feel anxious