15 ways to help animals this month

Are you ready to be of service this month?

Non-human animals are in need of our help and compassion, and I hope you are willing to help me help them for the next 30 days. It’s the least we can do.

I already wrote a very, very similar post a while ago so you can check it out here and get even more ideas you can add to your list. When it comes to kindness, you can never do too much.

As we start to dress more warmly and a hot cup of cappuccino is a part of our daily routine, we must remember there are other beings who are getting cold as well. Why not help them?

Being of service makes us happier. It makes us more satisfied. More fulfilled. I think that if we gave more, we would be a much more joyful species. We evolved to survive together, not as individuals. 

Only together have we fed the starved, cured the sick and built homes for those who had no roof over their head. We possess so much goodness and compassion that we have to stop letting it go to waste.

If you are ready to give, here are 15 ways to help animals this month:

  • Hang birdhouses on nearby trees and feed the birds with seeds.
  • Create birdbaths with old bowls you can put out in your garden and maintain the water so it is fresh and clean.
  • Create small holes in your garden fence so hedgehogs and frogs can migrate safely.
  • Make your own bat house and protect these wonderful nocturnal animals.
  • Plants bee-friendly flowers. My favourite is lavender and there are always at least ten bees buzzing around it. 
  • Go a step further and start beekeeping! Of course, without the exploitation of the bees and stealing of their honey.
  • Don’t mow the grass in places you do not frequently walk at to leave the wilderness truly wild. Thousands of insects, bugs, and small mammals and reptiles will thank you for leaving their home be undisturbed and intact. 
  • If you find a stray dog or cat, immediately contact your local animal shelter and bring them to safety. 
  • Donate food to shelters, organizations and rescue farms. Kibbles, wet food, snacks… it is all welcomed.
  • Donate toys, blankets and other items shelters, organizations and rescue farms might need.
  • Donate money to shelters, organizations and rescue farms who need it to save individuals, provide for them, and give them the best medical care.
  • Volunteer your time whenever you can.
  • Put a big bowl with fresh water outside for stray dogs and cats. If it is safe to catch them, do that and contact your local shelter or rescue centre.
  • Watch where you walk. Be careful not to step on crawling insects, bugs or arachnids.
  • Think about noise pollution and how you can stop contributing to it. Do you sing while hiking, or play music out loud when gardening? How can you be more mindful of your environment and living creatures who are distracted by your noises?

How many can you commit to accomplishing this month? Let me know down in the comment section so we can cheer for each other. 

grey cat

This is our Ariel. She motivates me to be a better person every day.

I know it is painful to look around and see people who do not care. It hurts to know many were raised to discriminate against those who are different. But we can change that. Slowly.

I think that the more veganism becomes normalized and the more it becomes socially acceptable to call out wrongdoing when it comes to how we treat non-human animals, the more people will change. They will be born again, leaving the cruel self behind and open their heart to love.

I am aware that this sounds very woo-woo, but I disagree. I think it is possible to start again, open a new page and write a new story. Humans are so good at that.

We are able to leave our homes, friends, families, countries and even continents in the search of a better life.

So yes, I do think people can be born again. Better. Greater. Grander. 

When the unawakened begin to see how wonderful life is when all beings are treated equally, they will safely open their eyes and stop pretending to be asleep.

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15 ways to help animals this month