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I have a whole closet filled with self-help and business books. Yes, I know they are not actually that healthy or helpful but they bring me joy.

I’ve always been interested in business, entrepreneurship and marketing. I’m fascinated by the startup culture and how big corporations function. It’s just an interest of mine, a hobby.

Today I am sharing with you business books that I actually liked and regularly go through when I need inspiration. They may not be the greatest of all time and Sara Blakely is most likely not going to endorse them, but they are helpful anyway.

This blog that you are on right now has been in existence for 7 years already. My intention was always to make it a job and to be taken seriously as a content creator. Sadly, I am still making it happen.

But that is the point of this whole post, and also one of the books mentioned. There is no such thing as overnight success, just people who’ve worked hard for years before they started winning.

Here are business books that motivate me to work when things get difficult:

This book perfectly summarizes why there is no such thing as overnight success.

Everyone you admire and look up to, everyone who reached a certain amount of success, has worked at it for years. Sometimes even decades.

Maria Hatzistefanis, the author, has built her company Rodial from nothing by working hard and having the guts to go after her dream. But it took time and perseverance, not just luck and wishes.

overnight success review book

I am not really a fan of the Kardashians – and Maria uses them as an example often – but I have learnt a lot about how to approach using social media by how the author uses them as an example and inspiration.

I also like the fashion section with tips and advice on how to dress. The book really gives you advice on all aspects of being an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.

The second book by Maria Hatzistefanis is more or less a continuation of her first one.

The main difference I would say is that the focus is more on sustainability and self-care. How can you do this long term? What supportive systems can you incorporate so you don’t burn out? 

make it happen book review

How to do more but with joy instead of misery? How to turn failure into something great? Maria has your back with great advice from her own journey.

I like this slightly different approach to the second book. I think it’s why it is my favourite of the two (I have yet to read the third one). Also, the way it is written is more mature and professional than HTBAOS (see above).

As someone who is incredibly introverted, this book showed me that this can also be a strength.

We are all familiar with those individuals who gain energy just by being surrounded by groups of people. They feed off the chaos, conversations and human beings. It’s weird, to be honest.

the introvert entrepreneur book review

The Introvert Entrepreneur points out all the good traits we have. All the things we can do even if we crave are silence, solitude and cosy home where we can unwind. Sounds so good, doesn’t it?

I love that it is so full of advice, ideas and tips. Actual things that work and have been tried and tested by the author herself. You don’t get that in every book. 

I highlighted probably 70% of the book because it gave me so many ideas for my blog and content creation. Especially after having a vegan blog for 7 years already. I need to be inspired, like at the beginning.

The point of these books is not necessarily to teach you how to be an entrepreneur but to help you find that sweet spot that works for you.

Do you want to hustle for 16 hours every day? Or do you want to have a 4 hour day and an online business? By reading business books like these three, you are getting a clearer idea of what you desire.

Especially if you’re a woman who never gave much thought to her dreams. To this day we are not encouraged to have our own visions and to follow them.

Invest in yourself and your future. Invest in what you’ve wanted your whole life but you were scared and doubted it could ever come true.

You got this.

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