how to start a blog in 2023

I started my first blog back in 2014 when things were easier and people actually still read.

Things have certainly changed a lot in these past few years. People are looking for something different and today I want to talk about what that is. 

My journey as a writer and content creator has been long and difficult. I didn’t start making money until this year, which means I was creating for almost 8 years without being paid for it. So if you are here because you want an answer to how to make money quickly, you won’t get it.

It will take years before you see an ounce of success and even then, you will have to continue working as hard as when you began. 

This work is not for those who like the get-rich-quick schemes. It’s also not for you if all you want is to be famous, popular and an influencer. Those things will come eventually but as mentioned before, only after hard work.

And a lot of luck. 

Here is how to start a blog in 2023:

  • Focus on one main topic that you can expand upon in the future.

My main focus is veganism but after a few years, I slowly expanded out and started writing about mental health and environmentalism. 

I advise you to do the same. That way you will attract more people to your website. Niching down helps you find your group of individuals. Find that one thing that you know a lot about and start creating content around it.

Think about what you want to write about. What are you really good at? Everyone has that one topic that only they can talk about.

  • Use social media in a smart way.

You don’t have to use all platforms to spread your message. You just need one or two, perhaps three if you are dedicated to them. But really think about which ones are right for you.

I personally use Pinterest and Instagram, and occasionally Twitter, but that is all. It helps me focus on less and put quality above quantity. Less is more. 

If you are everywhere, you are nowhere. I don’t remember who said that but I agree with it 100%.

  • Be ethical and moral. 

In this day and age, we can’t afford to support brands and ideas that are harmful to others.

I don’t mean this in a PC way, but rather that we should know what we are writing about when we do it. Surely you want to promote environmentally-friendly and ethical brands and products when collaborating.

I really make sure that my content is about important stuff and that I only talk about things that I morally align with. In the past, I even deleted blog posts that I didn’t agree with anymore.

Our content should grow with us.

  • Connect with those who are like you.

Everything I achieved, I did because of my community. They are the ones that I serve and they are also the ones who inspire and motivate me.

So how do you too get to this place? By reaching out and being the person you want to attract. Be who you want to hang out with.

DM people. Email them. Comment under their posts. Talk to them. Be there for others. We are all in this together.

As you can see, I didn’t talk about the basics because you can get those everywhere. Buy a domain, find a server, create a website etc. You already know all of that. 

What matters is how you treat your blog afterwards. 

Remember, there are millions of bloggers who are making a huge difference in the world with their content. You have everything you need to get to that place as well. Believe in your own power.

You got this.

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how to start a blog in 2023