must-haves for vegans

If I could take only three things to an island in the middle of nowhere, I would choose a B12 supplement, my favorite book and an mp3 player with only Waking Up meditations on it.

I don’t know about you, but as a vegan, these three items would be pretty crucial for my survival. 

Let me explain.

You see, as Homo sapiens, I am pretty much bound to figure out how to make a fire and how to create a sharp tool from a piece of wood. Where shit gets tough, though, is surviving in an environment where I am left to my own devices and where my mind is the only friend I have.

So while a knife and matches would be the first thing on everyone’s list, I have to mainly focus on not losing my sanity.

I assume that I would stay vegan for quite some time, of course, and would only start killing if there were no edible plants or I would just go crazy. But that’s just my spoiled ass talking, who knows what would happen if I actually found myself stranded on an empty island.

Now, you probably didn’t expect me to talk about islands and how to keep ourselves from talking to a ball, but this actually does explain why we need these three tools in our day to day life as well.

Here are 3 important must-haves for vegans:

Living vegan in a non-vegan world will get stressful at times and your mental wellbeing has to be your number one priority.

This book has changed my life in ways that I cannot describe, even though I tried doing it before in these two posts: one and two.

It has empowered me and gave me a reason to inspect the thoughts that appear and realize they are not who I am. It showed me that I have the strength to free myself from the invisible prison I put myself in.

I continue studying this book year after year and it never ceases to amaze me how well it is written and how much value it contains. 

A beautiful bonus to the book is the meditation app, created by Sam Harris and a continuation of the book and what he wrote in it.

It offers all types of meditation techniques, teachers and lengths. I reviewed the app in this post here but in short: it’s the perfect tool for beginners and for those who have thousands of hours under their belt.

You get a 28-day introductory course, meditations for children, lessons and Q&As, and most importantly, you get so many meditation techniques that your mind has no choice but to improve and stop nagging you. 

  • A B12 supplement.

There are many reasons why all humans should take supplements but when it comes to vegans, B12 is a necessity.

Because we don’t eat other animals – who get injected with B12 and do not just magically produce it -, we need to get B12 from a supplement – a simple capsule, pill or spray that doesn’t hurt anybody.

There are a lot of brands out there so you can experiment until you find the one that has the best quality, price and amount of pills inside the bottle. Take it seriously because not all B12 is created equally, plus you want to invest your money well.

If you ever do find yourself in a situation where you can only take with you three things, make sure you think of at least one of these tools I presented to you.

I am very serious when it comes to mindfulness and having a regular meditation practice. It’s one thing that keeps me sane in a world that is way too loud and chaotic for me.

Nothing is more crucial for our movement than our mental health and how we protect it from negativity and bullying. 

Maybe you have different priorities and that’s okay. Honestly, the only thing you need to know is what makes you feel good and what gives you the strength to continue being the voice for other animals.

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must-haves for vegans