vegan podcasts 2022

I will never stop learning about veganism and animal rights. The second I stop gaining new knowledge will be the day I give up on this world. 

I’m the first person to preach about how important it is to support our fellow vegan advocates, no matter how different we may be. That’s why I want to walk the walk and share my favourite vegan podcasts. 

I don’t agree with them on everything but we are all doing this because we believe in animal liberation. Our common values connect us. That’s beautiful, in my opinion. 

After reading hundreds of books and watching thousands of hours of videos on the topic of veganism, I still yearn for more. Progress is being made every day and I want to keep up with it. Listening to people who are fighting for the same goals as I am, reminds me of why I do what I do. I am not only learning about new ways to speak up but also about how to remain vegan in a world that really wants me to fail. 

I like feeling understood, and I like being taught new things. I also like being a part of a community. These content creators make my vegan journey easier and I want to share my appreciation for them with you.

 Here are 4 vegan podcasts to inspire & motivate you:

Colleen’s work has been of great influence. She convinced me that a joyful approach to advocacy can be equally, if not more, influential than just straight-up yelling at people and throwing paint on their coats.

I love listening to her talk about all the deer and squirrels she shares her garden with. She also reminds me to do my work as an activist and then step away. To be effective and calm, not pushy or judgmental. 

While I don’t always succeed, I do tend to be happier when I am a joyful vegan.

What Sam Harris is to atheism, Ed is to veganism. 

He is a rational debater who aims to have productive conversations, not engage in shouting competitions. It is always lovely listening to him because his arguments are so well put together, and he thinks about all possible objections he might receive in advance. 

Ed is a powerhouse, a true vegan entrepreneur whose aim is to make veganism cool and approachable. I truly admire everything he has done for non-human animals. 

I like to joke that I am a minimalist because I am cheap, not because I really want to own as few things as possible. While it is true that I am cheap, I also believe in investing my money wisely.

Maša and Michael always manage to present me with new reasons as to why minimalism matters. It is good for my mental health, and honestly, it fits with my values of veganism and environmentalism. 

There is beauty in owning only what you need. The Minimalist Vegan Podcast reminds me of that with each new episode.

As someone who would join the Ravenclaw house, I value learning, which is exactly why this podcast is on this list. While we may not agree on some social justice issues, I enjoy the humour with which the hosts make every episode enjoyable.

I like to take a long walk and laugh while listening to them play games and discuss which Harry Potter character would be vegan.

The conversations are valuable, but most importantly, it is a fun vegan podcast that will make your day a bit brighter. 

Let me know down in the comment section if you’re already familiar with these wonderful vegan podcasts. 

These lovely individuals are creating content that is transforming the lives of people who are listening. Each episode is a way to reach someone who is quietly wishing they could go plant-based too. 

Through vegan podcasts, everyone can feel supported and inspired to change their habits. You are not alone. No one is truly alone because there are 8 billion people on this planet. We just haven’t bumped into each other yet.

Podcasts are in a way just people bumping into each other, finding that there are other vegans out there who we can learn from and support. I still need to hear a kind voice from time to time, telling me that we are in this together. 

Can you tell that I really love podcasts? Because I do and they are one of my favourite things in the world.

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vegan podcasts 2022