apps that will improve your mood

Although meditation and nature walks are definitely top recommendations I would share with anyone who wants to improve their mood, there are other options.

One of them is phone apps.

On the worst days when I just want to put on my headphones, listen to Max Richter and sail away in my mind, I always have a handful of apps to occupy me.

They are not only good for your mood but for your overall life as well. You’ll see!

I don’t spend much time on my phone but I am not against using it if it’s for the right reasons. There is a difference between spending an hour playing chess on it and scrolling on Instagram because you are bored.

Listen, life is already full of challenges and hardship, so if you can use technology to make yourself smarter or more joyful, why not take advantage?

Just be smart about it.

So here are 5 apps that will improve your mood:

I started playing chess after watching The Queens Gambit. I installed every single app I could find and after months of playing on all of them, I got left with three that I love the most. 

Dr Wolf’s app is one of them. I learnt how to play on but before I go to bed and my laptop is turned off, I play on the phone.

Chess calms me down, I really enjoy it, and it helps me with my impulsivity because I have to think ahead and be careful of my next move.

I love learning languages. It is one of the things I am really, really good at. But even if you are naturally talented at something, you need to continue learning and improving.

Duolingo is great for learning the basics of any language. Although I speak fluent Spanish, I am still taking the course to practise as I don’t have people around me who speak it.

It is fun and motivating. Even ten minutes a day makes a huge difference.

I have been raving about this app for years.

While it is a meditation app, it is also so much more than that. It offers lessons on topics such as free will, morality, mindfulness and consciousness. The interesting stuff, you know.

If you want to improve your mood but are not feeling like meditating, just listen to lessons and conversations on the app.

If you are a woman, this app will change your life.

Knowing when your period is coming and tracking your mood, flow and everything in between truly makes you feel calmer.

I like tracking my period, especially because after I started taking antipsychotics I lost it for a month and it came back irregular.

But it still helps me to know that I am close to the date and I can prepare for it. I make notes about how I feel on the first day and if you are trying to get pregnant, you will know the days on which you are most fertile.

It is a must for all the ladies.

Podcasts have the power to elevate your mood in minutes.

I like listening to entertaining shows (P.S. I Hate This Movie), educational shows (Making Sense), and I always have time for true crime episodes (Casefile).

No matter how upset you are, if you listen to your favourite podcast you will start feeling happier. It’s self-care, guys.

The app is so easy to use and it has all the best shows available. It uploads regularly and I swear I love it more than Spotify – it is a thousand times better for podcasts.

Which one will you install first? Let me know down in the comment section.

I’ve been using these apps for a long time now and they always help me feel better about my life. Like I am doing something that benefits me. Something that not only brings me pleasure but value too.

We need to be smart about using technology. It can either enslave us or make us better. 

If you look around nowadays, you will see that 99% of people are on the phone constantly. Watching videos while eating. Listening to music while studying. Browsing Reddit while babysitting. Taking photos while watching a movie.

We are distracting ourselves in bad ways. We are using our phones not to gain something but to get away from what hurts us or makes us unhappy.

Sure we can get away from our reality for a while, and these apps can help, but they are not addictive. They make you feel better and more productive but no one is going to get addicted to learning Polish.

I will perhaps talk more about this in the future. Today I just wanted to share a few of the apps that will improve your mood.

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