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If you are a vegan on a budget, you need to read this whole post, okay?

As you know, I am all about supporting European brands and companies. It is not only great for the economy but it is eco-friendly too.

Afrodita Cosmetics has been a brand that I’ve been loving for such a long time. But only when I became vegan have I noticed how animal-friendly they are.

About a year or so ago I started paying closer attention to them. Not only did I find my now favourite hand cream that is truly a life-saver, but I got the best hair product as well.

This vegan shampoo made with organic argan oil is silicone-free and can be used on your hair and body. Two products in a giant bottle for the price of one.

But don’t get it wrong because that doesn’t take away its quality. My hair is so smooth, shiny and full of volume afterwards. It truly moisturizes it.

afrodita cosmetics 2021

argan oil shampoo


I like to wear ponytails because I am always on the run and my hair never stays in place. I love that you can still see how healthy they are because the argan oil did its magic.

It costs less than 3€ and it lasts for longer than a month which is amazing because I wash my hair 3-4 times a week. It is the best investment, right after Bitcoin.

As for the skin – being a shower gel as well as shampoo -, I can only say that I am satisfied. I’ve said it in the past and I will say it again. My skin is super dry and my main concern with any skin product is that it is oily as fuck.

Afrodita’s 2 in 1 hair and body vegan shampoo feeds my skin and my hair at the same time. It takes care of my normal hair and my dry skin, without compromising either.

If it sounds like I am exaggerating, you have yet to try it for yourself. It is a must for any person who likes to feel cosy in the shower.

And if argan oil is not your thing, just get the coconut one – it smells like heaven.

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vegan shampoo 2021