afrodita almond hand cream

I am a huge fan of Afrodita Cosmetics.

I love their products because they honestly help my skin look better, plus they are made in Slovenia, my country.

I love creams because my hands are very dry throughout the whole year and if I don’t moisturize daily, let’s just say that it doesn’t look pretty.

A few weeks ago I found this amazing hand cream by Afrodita and my beauty routine improved 100%.

It was a new product when I first bought it and since it was vegan I wanted to support it and show that there is a demand for animal-friendly products. That’s the excuse I use for trying five different cookies a month sometimes too. Don’t judge me.

I love how freaking creamy this one is because it nicely coats your hands and when the skin absorbs the cream it feels smooth and soft. 

It contains almond oil and shea butter, and 0% synthetic colours which I love. Because it is a hand AND nail cream, it keeps your nails flexible and your cuticles soft.

afrodita vegan hand cream

vegan label hand cream

afrodita hand cream

I really want to point out that the skin absorbs it well but leaves it moist enough for you to not feel uncomfortable if you have dry skin that hurts. Trust me, I know that feeling and it doesn’t make you feel confident or comfortable.

That’s why using this cream that contains almond oil & shea butter feels so good. I can’t say my hands are super soft but they have improved drastically after using it for a few months now.

So get yourself this hand and nail cream, feed your skin and enjoy the softness that is a result of using it daily. 

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