things you can do to support animal rights

Animal rights activists believe that all animals deserve to live lives free from exploitation and abuse. 

For that reason, I’ve decided to put together a list of 18 things you can do this month to support animal rights. Most people don’t want other individuals to suffer and since you are here, reading this, you are most likely one of these humans.

These 18 things are ways in which you can demand freedom for other animals. They include everything from supporting cruelty-free products and buying plant-based alternatives, to writing emails, signing petitions and helping others go vegan.

Let this month be filled with good intentions, passion and motivation to create change in how we view and treat our fellow animals. 

If you are ready to start doing some good in the world, here are 18 things you can do this month to support animal rights:

  1. Contact your local shelter or sanctuary and ask if you can help with anything. You don’t have to give your money if you can offer time and a helping hand.
  2. Carry with you a pamphlet with easy to make plant-based recipes or a guide to where to get all the nutrients on the diet.
  3. Respond kindly to someone who is hateful towards you simply for being vegan. Being nasty back does nothing, but being kind can perhaps show that you truly are all about making this planet more compassionate.
  4. Buy food for your older relatives, not only to help them financially but to make sure they have plenty of plants available at home to consume.
  5. Share someone’s vegan-friendly post on social media, to bring attention to the cause and to the activist.
  6. Start a conversation with someone who you think could never go vegan. Just give them a chance to be able to tell their friends that they actually know a nice, not-screaming vegan. 
  7. Buy a compassionately made product and support the brand/small business/company.
  8. Leave a kind response on a social media post or blog in which someone expresses hate towards vegan activists. Try to see their point and offer a kind explanation on why they (activists) do what they do.
  9. Take 10 minutes to sign petitions on the website Care2 that advocate freedom for all beings.
  10. Display something in your workplace that you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable sharing with others. A photo of you and an animal you helped rescue, or a book about animal rights that you love reading.
  11. Write an email to your favorite store in which you express the gratitude for what they do, and share how amazing it would be if they added a few plant-based alternatives to the shelves.
  12. Go to the cinema and support a movie or a documentary that uses holograms and not real animals, or an animated movie that portrays other animals in a positive way.
  13. Invite someone for lunch or dinner. Of course, choose a vegan place that has delicious food and a pleasant environment.
  14. Bring plant-based milk at work today and offer to make coffee for everyone. How can people use plant milk if they don’t have it in front of their noses, right?
  15. Invite someone to join you in an act of kindness. For example, volunteer at a sanctuary together or run a marathon for an animal charity organization.
  16. Write a positive review online for a business you love and support (or review their products as I do).
  17. Donate money to those you know will use it to help others.
  18. Make a plant-based meal for someone who is too busy to eat homemade foods often. I share very delicious recipes here

So many ways in which you can be of service to the most innocent among us. 

I hope you decide to do all of them at some point, but even a handful is a good start and indication that you too demand freedom from abuse and exploitation for all animals.

The world won’t embrace the uniqueness of bats, fish and pigs tomorrow, but with each act, we are closer to the vision we hold in our mind. Every time we demand justice for them, we push a bit harder against the death industries that exploit and murder them.

We got this, but we must always remember that injustice never rests and we should always be ready to speak up in new ways.

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