how to transition to veganism

I’m on a mission to help people go vegan without feeling (too) stressed and overwhelmed.

Obviously, there will be obstacles and challenges, but if you know how to handle them and you are prepared, you can navigate the changes with joy and excitement. And I have great tools to share with you.

I’ve created a free printable aka checklist that you can download here and on it, you will find 7 tips to feel less overwhelmed when transitioning to veganism. 

My own journey at the beginning was very hard because I became even more depressed and angry than I already was. I was crying almost daily and I felt hate towards everyone who still paid for the exploitation of other animals.

Later I realized what I did wrong and I’ve learnt how others managed their transition, so trust me when I say that I figured out how to minimize the overwhelm to a level that you can handle.

Here are my best tips on how to transition to veganism without feeling overwhelmed:

  • Make a plan you know you will follow.

Not everyone will go vegan overnight (and not everyone should) so the best thing you can do when you decide that veganism is the goal, is to create a plan. How long do you intend to take to transition? What foods will you replace first with plant-based alternatives (if needed)? Everyone works differently, and your plan is yours alone, so make sure you create one that you will feel motivated and inspired by.

  • Set boundaries with those who could hold you back.

Not everyone is going to be on board with your transition to veganism, and that’s where your self-respect comes in. You can either let your friends and family make fun of you, or you can set boundaries and firmly let them know that you won’t allow any bullying. I wrote much more about this topic in this post here

  • Prioritize your wellbeing and mental health.

Going vegan was a very chaotic time for me because even though I was excited and joyful about the change, I didn’t know how many graphic videos I will watch just to learn what happens in the death industries. Once I put myself first and started to incorporate meditation in my day to day life, plus a bunch of other self-care acts, I was able to feel good about living this lifestyle. Create your nonnegotiables and decide in what ways you will take care of your body and mind before you go out there and speak up against the cruelty against other animals. 

  • Find a mentor (online or in-person).

I had many mentors. We usually think that having a mentor means having someone you go to coffee with and ask them for advice, but you can do that with people online too (and you don’t have to talk to them either). Make a cup of cappuccino, find a lecture on YouTube, and get a pen and paper to write down whatever stands out to you and you can learn from. There are way too many vegans online sharing their tips and advice for you to feel like you can’t be mentored by them through the content they make.

What do you think? Please leave me your feedback in the comment section below as I would love to hear from you.

As I said, it’s not that the changes will be easy but that you will have the tools to step through the obstacles and face the challenges feeling empowered.

Going plant-based and starting to make more ethical choices is something we should all strive to do this year. We’ve been playing with fire for such a long time that illnesses and viruses coming out as results of eating corpses are seen as normal.

I don’t think that’s okay. Do you?

We are killing others and in turn, their bodies kill us. This year has shown us that we are not as powerful as we thought we were, and in no way are we invincible. 

These tips I shared with you are what can help you change your habits and become a force of good for Mama Earth. 

You got this.

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how to transition to veganism without feeling overwhelmed

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